Plan a Perfect Backpacking Trip in 9 Steps

Plan a Perfect Backpacking Trip in 9 Steps

After a long-time of work, it’s a great choice to plan a backpacking trip to relax and have a fun time with your family and friends. The weather is good. The air is fresh. Spring is a great time to be surrounded by nature. But how to plan? What to pack? Where to go? Here I am sharing 9 steps to make a perfect backpacking trip plan.

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1. Select a General Destination

The prior step is to choose a place to go backpacking. What scenes are you interested in? Woods? Deserts? Lakes or seas? Pick a general destination and then figure out a specific trail next.

2. Pick a Specific Trail

When come to picking a specific backpacking trail, you’ll need to consider how long you plan to spend on the trip which fits in your budget. There are websites and magazines that you could check to find great trails that meet your demands. And after picking the trail, try to buy local guidebooks and trail maps. Make sure that you know the rules and regulations of the local trail backpacking. Check if you need a hiking permit and figure out if it’s safe for wild camping.

3. Choose a Proper Time of Year to Go

When you pick a destination and trail, you should figure out what time is perfect for backpacking in this area. Because in a specific region, there is a specific time for wild sports. In addition, wildlife activities also influence your decision.

4. List Itinerary Details

So, you’ve picked your destination, trail, and proper time to go, it’s ready for making a day-to-day plan. In this part, you should refer to the local trail guidebooks, and know exactly where the campsites, water sources, and terrains distributed for planning your itinerary safely and thoroughly.

5. Prepare a Sturdy Backpack

A backpack for backpacking should be sturdy enough for carrying a significant amount of loads, but light and comfortable enough for less pain during long-time hiking. Thus, prepare yourself a sturdy, comfy and lightweight backpack.

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6. Get Your Gears Ready

No matter you plan to go in spring, summer, or fall, you should bring clothing, cooking gears, and camping gear. Besides these three main groups gears, equipment like GPS, compass, and first-aid kit are absolutely necessary. For an informative checklist of camping trips, check out camping essentials here.

7. Bring Light-weight and High-calorie Food

It’s usually smart to bring light-weight and high-calorie food in the backcountry because you cannot always have time and proper terrain for prepare food made with water.

8. Smart Pack as A Group

Pack smart. In addition to pack everyone’s personal necessities, these essentials should be carried just one, such as water filter, camp stove, cooking pot, or pan. And first aid kit, compass, copy of the map, lighters, and flashlight should be duplicating.

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9. Send Someone Your Itinerary Before You leave

Leave your backpacking trip itinerary to your family or friends who don’t go with you. The itinerary should include your contact information, route, and areas you plan to stay. It’s important to let someone know the trip details, and check in your return as scheduled. If not, they could try to get in touch with you with this information or call the authority for help. Be sure to contact them after you have returned safely.

A well-planed backpacking trip will allow you to have fun and enjoy beautiful views. If you want to experience the beauty of the wildness and nature, you can learn these 9 steps to plan a safe backpacking trip thoroughly.

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