Q1: How long will my order take to arrive including processing and shipping?

A1: We make our best effort to process orders within one business day. For shipping time to your country,  please check Delivery History page.

Q2: How do I know when my order will ship?

A2: Normally all orders will ship within 36 hours after order confirmation. After arranging to ship, we will send you an email confirmation with the tracking number. Please be sure you leave a right email to receive our notification.

Q3: How do I track my order?

A3: When your order is shipped, we’ll send you an email with a tracking number and logistic website (https://www.17track.net/en). You can paste the tracking number into the search bar to track the latest delivery record. Please allow 48 to 72 hrs for the link to show any information. The tracking links may not update but the package is still on its way once it has left the warehouse.

Q4: Why I input the right tracking number but the tracking information is not updated yet?

A4: Please allow up to 4 days for shipping information to show up as tracking information is only updated when the package gets through parcel point hubs. This also means that if the tracker does not update daily the package is still on its way to you. If the package is not received within 30 business days, please contact us.

Q5: Is the power bank included with the backpacks?

A5: The power bank is not included with the backpacks. There is a simple connection inside the backpack that make sure that you can easily connect all power banks that are on the market (by USB plug). This way the power bank will never be outdated and you can keep using new models to charge your devices.

Q6: Which payment methods are accepted?

A6: NayoSmart.com accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal. 

Q7: When will my order be delivered?

A7: We will also send you a confirmation email as soon as your order has been shipped. Our delivery options and timeline vary by country so head to our Delivery history page, you will find the relevant delivery timelines for your region.

Q8: What should I do if my order arrived damaged?

A8: If any part of your order arrives damaged, you should notify us via the Contact Us page or send emails to us directly, then we will provide different solutions according to different degrees of defects.

Q9: What if I'm not in when my order is delivered?

A9: If you're not in when your order is delivered, you'll need to contact the carrier directly as they will be able to assist you further.

Q10: What should I do if my order hasn't arrived?

A10: If your order hasn't arrived,  Contact Us and we'll look into this straightaway.

Q11: Can I choose a delivery date?

A11: Currently, it's not possible to select a specific delivery date for your order.

Q12: How will I know that you have received my order?

A12: Your order will be confirmed immediately on screen and you'll also receive an order confirmation from us by email. If you receive neither of these, please Contact Us and we will look into it for you.

Q13: May I change order information or shipping information after my order has been confirmed?

A13: If you want to make changes in your order, and your parcel has not yet been shipped, please contact us to cancel your former order and make another order with your correct information. If your order has been shipped, please contact us and we will try to intercept your parcel.

Q14: Can I cancel my order after order confirmation?

A14: If you would like to cancel your order, and it has not yet been shipped, please contact us immediately, we will cancel your orders and refund your money within 1 business day. If your order has been shipped, please wait parcel reach you and send it back to us After we receiving it, we will process your refund within 1 business day.