5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well1

5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well

Are you tired of paying for checked baggage? Are you worried about losing your checked baggage while transferring? Would you like to carry smarter and lighter for your next trip? If you do, I think these 5 general rules to pack a carry-on bag well is right for you.
5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well1
Rule 1. Choose A Proper Carry-on Bag
a. Bigger isn’t Always Better
You properly think choosing a bigger carry-on bag is better. Unfortunately, it is wrong. At first, carry-on on the flight has dimension and weight limitation; and then if there are too much volume, you will just likely to pack more and useless items. Thus, bigger isn’t always better.

b. Choose Comfort Over Fashion
In the market, there are a bunch of carry-on bags to choose from. I recommend you choose a comfortable carry-on backpack instead of considering too much on the fashionable part. Besides, the backpack can free both your hands for better moving around and with several features for smarter packing, which are comfortable on the go.

Rule 2. For Packing Clothing, Less is More
You don’t need everything. Before you nail down what to pack, lay down all the clothes you want to pack. And cut it in half. If you don’t know which to leave behind, try to match them to become a different outfit. Bring the one matching well with two or three outfits.
5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well2
Furthermore, there is a big chance you are going to buy clothes in the locals, especially you are planning to travel to some cheap countries. By this means, you can dress like locals and when you come back, they are your souvenirs. Hence, pack fewer clothes and leave your backpack some space.

If you don’t know how to pack, just follow the 1 to 6 rule:
1 hat
2 pairs of shoes
3 pairs of pants
4 shirts
5 pairs of socks
6 pairs of underwear
Adjust the rule according to your destination requirements and weather changes.

Rule 3. Utilize Space-saving Techniques
The carry-on bag has a limitation on size and weight. To have a better wearing experience, compact packing is essential. Therefore, I am sharing with you three methods to pack your baggage well-compact.

a. Roll your Clothes
To roll clothes is the most popular way to save the bag’s space instead of folding. The best one is the army roll. If you try this hack, I have no doubt it will have the same impact on you.
5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well3
b. Use Compression Bags
Compression bags are very handy for packing stuffing items, and also perfect for items from leaking to carry-on. It is such a good space-saver and well-protection bag.

c. Go Digital
It is not a good idea to take a book, map, or other paper documents on the go if you are gonna save carry-on bags’ space. Nowadays, there are many useful apps, e-books, and maps you could download in your smartphone at ease, which are perfect for travelers. It not only saves you space but also reduces loads on your back.

Rule 4. Avoid Forbidden Items
No matter you travel by train, by bus or by air, dangerous items like a Swiss-army knife is not allowed to bring along. To prevent from being taken away from your stuff, you should check the company’s forbidden items list first. In this way, you could get through security quickly and avoid losing them.

Rule 5. Check Carry-on Baggage Allowance
Apart from avoiding forbidden items, you should know exactly the carry-on baggage allowance. What size? What weight? Because excess baggage fees can be pricey. Therefore, please check your airline carry-on baggage allowance first before you pack.
5 General Rules to Pack a Carry-on Bag Well4
As you are planning to travel with a carry-on, make sure that you pack most. Here I am sharing with the following useful items that you can bring along.

Making digital copies of important travel documents: apart from photocopies of travel documents, I recommend you make digital copies and upload them to cloud storage or your email address.

Power bank: with power bank, you could charge your phones on the go anytime.

Quick-dry travel towel: for easier and quicker packing without leaking to carry-on

Earplugs and eye mask: better sleeping and rest on the airlines and hotels

A padlock: useful to keep your stuff safe on the road and especially stay at hostel

If you’re traveling with a carry-on backpack, the above rules are helpful. Learn how to use little tools and skills to pack a compact bag for cozy wearing and smart traveling, and make no bad surprises when passing security. The chance is, you could get a better understanding of the rules after trying in person. You should have a try.
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