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Packing Light Tips You Must Know before You Go

You might have experienced lugging an over-packed suitcase, heavier than you can comfortably handle by yourselves over subway stairs. Shuttled in the stranger crowd, you cannot find anyone to help you at those stairs, and there are a few steep steps up into the platform to which you have to tug that murdering-you luggage step by step. Whenever this time you must remind yourself in mind to pack light to prevent you from suffering a helpless trip experience. 

Here are essential packing light tips you must know before you go! Don't be too late to know these tips. 

packing light tips

Think about a carry-on backpack! It will save your trip!

Human desire goes like the more/bigger the better. Larger-sized luggage will expand your desire by putting more items, including those you do not really need in traveling. This definitely goes against the aim of traveling light.

Choose a backpack is the first right step to prevent you deviate from the track of packing light. A carry-on backpack will save your time at the airport, save baggage charge and avoid the airlines lose your checked luggage.

Carrying a wheeled backpack with you allows you to go through different types of terrain or switching from airports to cobblestones, with the option to roll it or carry it for different types of terrain.

If you know you do not want the extra weight of wheels, traveling with a suitcase structure backpack means hands-free mobility and ultimate versatility.

Be ruthless! Control yourself when packing.

You must be thinking you really need to pack for all eventualities since weather in the destinations can be uncertain. Warm or cold, windy or wet day can not be predicted. Or if you are a bit of a party animal and will be heading to the bars/clubs, you will want to be attractive in some fancy clothes. But actually you really don’t need to take your house with you!

One of the "traveler's rules" is to list everything you plan to take and then remove half of it. Remember, you can buy anything you lack from local market. Be prepared to spend money when you travel. This is what everyone cannot avoid.

Take a few minutes reading the following packing tips, you will benefit a lot:

a.Take smaller travel-sized toiletries.
Take cosmetic and toiletries samples to save on space and weight.

b.Minimize the clothes you need to bring.
Trust me, you will not wear all of what you have packed anyway. Pack basics and comfortable shoes. Better bring extra pair(s) of comfortable lightweight shoes and undies than extra clothes. Bring "quick-drying" and "lightweight" clothes, fewer clothes than you think, and make sure they all mix/match so you do not need a complete wardrobe.
Re-wear clothes. Nobody notices if you wear your clothes twice or three times unless your clothes stink.

c. Try to use hotel facilities. Leave your electrical items behind.
Try to minimize what you need and what you want. Do you need to bring a laptop and a tablet? Or can you do with one or the other or maybe just your phones?

Use hotel hair styling stuff so that you do not need to bring travel-sized hairdryers and hair straighteners to take up more space.

Use washing machines or laundry service nearby the hotel you are staying in. Weigh the cost of laundry service while you are sightseeing and the time you spend washing by yourself there, obviously without any wandering activities, and then make your own decision and optimize your time!

c.Smartly packing clothes to save space.
Roll clothes and put small items inside shoes. Shoes always are heavy and will take up a lot of space in your backpack. Wear the heaviest pair on the plane and usually take a pair of running shoes and another lighter pair in your bag. Similarly, wear the heaviest outerwear and dress in layers on the plane.

d.Leave a small space in case
Leave some space in your bag for souvenirs. When it comes to clothing, you can just wear it on the flight home if you can't fit it in your backpack!

e.Hang out with your trial backpack before you go
If it’s still difficult go give up some your personal belongings, you can pack all the things you want to carry and hang out with it all day. I bet you will find easier to cut down what you want to carry when you back home.

Traveling light means traveling humanly with one durable and functional backpack, not too heavy or bulky, will save your time and energy, ease your traveling. Nayosmart travel backpack is in the trend of traveling light.

⭐Today’s recommended carry-on backpack

Nayo Combo is like a combination of a backpack, briefcase, and handbag. The completed volume is only 35L. You cannot believe it can adapt to all occasions since it can be adapted to be a backpack, a shoulder bag or a briefcase. 

It zips open like a suitcase, much easier to pack stuff. The detachable shoulder strap and zip-on design allow you to separate the whole one into two: you can leave the heavier main bag (packing your personal clothing or toiletry bag basics) in the luggage room and go exploring with the lighter backpack (packing some valuables: iPad, phone or camera) for day trips.

Durable waterproof material will keep your laptop, clothes and important documents from raining. Strong and comfortable shoulder straps, padded back support and sturdy chest belt will keep the backpack fixed on your back, costing you almost no energy and sweaty armpits. There are so many little details that are practical and helpful. If you have one like Nayo Combo, you will find it easy in packing light or packing more.


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