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How to Pack Backpacks for Travel in 6 Steps

When comes to pack a backpack, there are several frequently asked questions. Do I know how to pack? Do I forget anything? Do I pack too much? Do these shoes need? Do I leave enough room for my souvenirs? 

Do questions mentioned above sound familiar to you? Packing smarter and traveling lighter are trending. Today, I am going to share with you 6 steps to get backpacks packed smartly. 

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Step 1. Pick Your Backpack

The primary thing for packing is to choose your backpack. Know exactly the length of your journey, the types of clothes and other essentials you need to carry and get a proper size backpack you get by with. You never want to pack too much stuff you don’t need. 

Think realistically do you need another bag for sightseeing, or do you carry fragile items with you? Where to place a laptop or book? Are the shoulder straps and back stuff well padded? Is it waterproof? Figure out the features most concern you, and then go shopping a backpack for travel.

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Step 2. Make a Travel Packing List

I once packed a punch of stuff in my backpack, for there is still room. It’s heavy loads and hurts my shoulder a lot. Since then, making a travel packing list is a must for my trips.

Make a travel packing list helps me a lot, such as checking what I miss and double-check what I don’t need to bring. You don’t want to pack a punch of stuff you don’t need or forget to put something into bags you desperately needed. A list helps organize better and easier.

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Steps 3. Use Compression Packing Cubes

Since shoes are usually bulky, pack shoes first at the bottom of backpacks, otherwise it’ll bother you whenever you pick stuff. 

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It gets colder and colder. Trips around Northern Hemisphere need to take bulkier items, like sweaters. Backpack’s volume is limited. A well-compressed packing cube is easier and compact for packing. Compact and thinner packing cubes make packing easier and quicker. Moreover, there are little tips for packing like roll t-shirts and shorts until the items are compact and filling shoes with socks.

The more compact you can pack, the more comfortable you can when wear the backpacks.

Steps 4. Utilize a Hanging Toiletries Bag

In packing backpacks, utilize packing bag to group all of your toiletries. You not only could fold toiletries to compact, but also hang it in the bathroom at your destination. For a carry-on backpack, you will likely want two storage bags, one is a waterproof toiletries bag and the other is a thick bag for fragile items like electronics.

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Steps 5. Get Items Sorted

After making a list, you could get items sorted. For instance, smart backpacks for travel like Nayo Genaral has plenty of pockets and layers for laptops, cables, mobiles, and laptops as the following picture. Clothes and shoes are packed in the main compartment. The laptop fits in the tablet layer, and mobiles fit in separated pockets. All items are in their place for easy access.
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Steps 6. Keep Valuable Items in Safe Place

Valuable items can get lost - it’s an unfortunate and troublesome fact on a trip. So just in case, pack anything important with you in a safe place. For instance, you could keep wallets or travel documents in hidden pockets at the back, or pack them in hidden pockets of the main compartment and lock them.

Tips for Successful Packing

Pack some plastic bags to keep dirty shoes and clothes, separating from the others, to keep backpack fresh and clean.

Bring a lock to keep valuable objects like wallets and travel documents safe.

Do not pack too many clothes because you might buy more clothes or souvenirs on your journeys.

Get a waterproof backpack or water-resistant bag cover to avoid rainy weather on the roads.

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In conclusion, knowing how to pack backpacks well while traveling is an important skill, especially packing/unpacking after a hostel or two. It is frustrated when you unpack your backpack but finds no item you search for. Therefore, how to pack a backpack for travel smartly is very important to anyone to travel a lot. Hope this will help you.

People travel a lot have experiences or thoughts about packing and unpacking backpacks/suitcases, please leave us a comment to share with us.

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