Best Men's Backpacks For Work

Best Men's Backpacks For Work

It is an increasingly common sense that backpacks can be more versatile and practical in any occasion than a briefcase or a messenger bag. Business commuter backpacks for men will save all men from looking boringly alike when carrying an identical briefcase or a messenger bag. Yes, backpacks look smarter and more dynamic!
Why do men's business travel backpacks win popularity among those career men? It's time for briefcases to go off the stage when they don't serve efficiently. While business backpacks help professionals, photographers, lawyers and more keep their essential items close at hand in an organized way. Imagine: if you have to go on a business trip with a laptop, all kinds of documents, and different chargers, moreover your personal belongings: clothes, toiletries, etc. which bag will you choose?
Long gone are the days when a backpack was a backpack, while now the times have changed, there are backpacks specifically for different usage: traveling, business, gym, hiking, and whatever you name it. Here comes another headache that men have to face: how to pick the best backpacks for career men from thousands of backpack brands on the market? 
Based on these main criteria for an eligible business backpack: comfort, storage, style, and practicality, we concluded a guide for those who have difficulty in picking the best men's backpack for everyday use.

1.Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Reference Price:$200

The Brain Bag looks like a toolkit bag. The bag consists of two main compartments plus four external pockets, which can hold everything depending on your storage needs. The two main compartments allow you to segregate your stuff, as well as to choose from laptops to clothes. With side straps, the compartments can expand or cinch down to grow or shrink as you want it to be. The pocket design on the front of Brain Bag allows you to easily grab some small items: wallet, cell phone, keys, pens, tickets, etc.

The Brain Bag will surprise you with its utility, versatility, and longevity and will continue to be your faithful companion. 

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2. Nayo Almighty Backpack

Nayo Almighty Backpack


Promotion Price: $88

Nayo Almighty is a merge of comfort, storage, style, and practicality, normal size for daily use, large size perfect for your 3-5 day business journey. No matter what gear you carry, there is a place for it in this amazing bag which has 20 pockets!!! Whether you go traveling on business or commute to the office every day, the Nayo Almighty will keep you comfortable and organized. 180° open structure makes this travel backpack easier to pack/unpack-simply. 

The polyester material and waterproof polyurethane coating ensure the Nayo Almighty will deliver durability and weather resistance for years to come. Some additional details will surprise you: external USB charging port, insulated and waterproof bottle pocket, zippered back pocket for travel documents and valuables, etc. You won’t regret to get a backpack for working professionals like the Nayo Almighty.

⭐Bonus: The Nayo Almighty includes an additional toiletry and an accessory bag so you don’t need to find additional cases to match it.

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3. Incase EO Travel Backpack

Incase EO Travel Backpack

Reference Price: $179.95

The EO Travel Backpack is weather-resistant and fits your 15" laptop in a compartment designed for quick and easy airport screening. Its expandable main compartment increases capacity by more than 35% for longer trips. The laptop compartment is protective but soft on the laptop. The front compartment fits laptop and phone chargers, mouse, external speaker, headphones, and other accessories. The front pocket is very useful and accessible for a wallet, travel information, and other minimal accessories while the cell phone pocket sits conveniently above.

By using this backpack, you can minimize your luggage into a carry-on when traveling for weekends. You can use this backpack daily or expand it for a 4-5 day short trips. To some extent, it is something like Nayo EXP from NayoSmart, but EXP only costs half price.

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4. Kenneth Cole Slim Laptop Backpack 

Kenneth Cole Slim Laptop Backpack

Regular Price: $500

Made of 100% genuine full-grain Colombian leather; no substitute leathers were used and no split leathers were used. Three padded pockets allow you to hold a laptop, tablet, and phone all in this compact pack, to keep you organized. This backpack will protect your belongings and help you travel light, without stress, aches, or sweat.

If you’re looking for a practical business backpack with leather design, this slim tech laptop bag could be ideal for you.

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5. Peak Design Everyday Backpack 

 Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Reference Price:$259.95

This backpack is a special design, especially applicable to those photographers, audio engineers, or members of some other profession that has to carry around expensive, oddly-shaped pieces of equipment. This backpack not only adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and environment, but also gives you unrivaled accessibility, expandability, and organization. A versatile tuck-away strap system and 2 expandable external side pockets create a huge external carry capacity. Integrated luggage carry makes this bag both meet the needs for daily commutes and extended travel. Configurable FlexFold dividers keep cameras, drones, or everyday gear organized, protected. Internally padded accessory pockets keep small items in check. All divided space makes it easy to organize the bag and keep track of where everything is.

Amazingly, you can change the way everything is stored in this bag depending on what you’re carrying. With this men's minimalist backpack, it not only packs and organizes your stuff, but it also adds to your style.

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A good backpack is a friend for life, so it’s worth investing a little extra time when choosing the right one. Choosing the right backpack really can bring order and convenience to the way that you function daily or for business trips.

The above-listed all backpacks cover the criterion: comfort, storage, style, and practicality. If you are a leather lover, go for Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack. If you are a minimalist backpacker, try Peak Design Everyday Backpack or Incase EO Travel Backpack. If you are a pocket lover, think about Nayo Almighty or Tom Bihn Brain Bag. Finally, if you are looking for the best cost performance for the best men's laptop backpack for work, Nayo Almighty stands out! 

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