7 Reasons to Get A Nayo EXP Backpack

7 Reasons to Get A Nayo EXP Backpack

Although everyone has different expectations for travel backpacks, I believe a good-looking and functional bag with large capacity is desperately needed. It’s better to feature with various compartments, hidden pockets, mesh dividers or velcro to keep essentials separately on the go; but when you don’t need such a large space, the bag could be compressed to flat for store.

Is there good stuff like this? Yes, I am going to recommend you Nayo EXP Backpack and show you 7 reasons to get one.

Nayo EXP Backpack travel

1. Low Profile, Stylish, Minimalist Design; Black is Always A Classic

It is the appearance that Nayo EXP immediately gives people impressions. The bag is quite low profile and firm with square structure, simple and beautiful matte black texture. And the zipper is black, too. But with silver zipper head, it brings some eye-catching vitality in the whole design.

No matter what angle you look at it, expanded or compressed, it is neat and stylish. Appearance is not everything, but it is a part of the minimalist design. The outstanding appearance is great merit in the product like Nayo EXP backpack.

Some people might think that the backpack in black color, with the shape and the size are properly more suitable for boys. No worry about this, black is always a classic. Black Nayo EXP backpack is ideal for girls.

2. Super Large Capacity, Can be Expanded or Compressed for Versatile Occasions

Nayo EXP backpack is with unbelievable large capacity, which is suitable for a three-day vacation or a five-day business trip, from daily sundries to laptop, depending on your packing. How many things could be put in it? No proofs, no words. Here is my picture. After packing daily essentials and work items, I manage the three-day worth of clothes in the middle compartment.

Nayo EXP Travel backpack

The zipper could be easily pulled up, for there is still room besides three-day worth of clothes (tops and pants ). (You could see from the picture.)

Nayo EXP business travel backpack

When I work abroad, a computer, an earphone and a nap pillow should be packed. And from the picture, you could see I pack them easily with a Nayo EXP backpack. That is to say, only one Nayo EXP is enough for a business trip.

Or some friends might note that Nayo EXP could be compressed to flat.

That is right. Nayo EXP is variable, usually from 25L to 40L. And if you don’t need it, you could compress it flat for a store. When it compressed, it is in a smaller size which could be easily put in a suitcase and rolled luggage.

Nayo EXP backpack is versatile. It could be a suitcase for business or casual trips, and a backpack for sightseeing or as a street bag. With back nylon strap, it works well with rolled luggage. No matter for daily life, work or travel, choose flexible, versatile and practical Nayo EXP.

3. Lightweight, Comfy, 12mm EVA Molded Pad, Extra Comfortable

When it comes to carrying stuff, weight and comfort are more important. 

Nayo EXP backpack has considered a comfort issue while designing. It is meaningless when you give up wearing even you pack the backpack well and fully. 12mm EVA padded panel is designed for comfortable wearing even for the heaviest loads.

4. Suitcase or Backpack, Only Child Chooses! Nayo EXP has Both Merits

Aside from the features mentioned above, Nayo EXP could be carried by hand and wear on the back. No matter what ways you use it, it looks great and comfortable. Buckle up in the front when you pack well, which better balance the weight.

And Nayo EXP is not simply carried by hand or worn on the back. It could be taken on board as a suitcase. Nayo EXP could be opened 180° for packing and get stuff within instant reach. 

The better part is the Nylon strap, which make sure Nayo EXP backpack work well together with roller luggage without worrying about falling, although it is easy but troublesome to hold the bag all the time.

Nayo EXP the best business travel backpack

5. Water-resistant and Durable, Suitable for All Weathers

In addition to the size, it should be waterproof for all-weather situations. And Nayo EXP backpacks do it. Nayo EXP is made of 600D high-density polyester, could be used in a humid environment without worrying about water leaking into your bag.

Even in Taiwan, an area, is rainy and has an average humidity of 80%, where Nayo EXP could be used. Perhaps it can be said that it is one of the best business travel backpacks that designed for rainy Taiwan.

6. External USB Charging Port, Charge Anytime Anywhere

What is the most important thing the 3C group concerns? It's electricity when you go out! Nayo EXP also has a very worthwhile design, which is an external USB charging port.

Nayo EXP travel backpack charging port

What does this mean? It means that it is not necessary to dig around awkward to get a mobile power bank from mass stuff while traveling or on the way to work. Once phones or computers are in low battery, just insert charging cable to Nayo EXP cable port elegantly. For the 3c users, it is a very smart, convenient and important design.

7. Various Clever and Thoughtful Designs, Convenient Use, Free Life

In addition to the features just introduced, Nayo EXP’s high-end quality is reflected in many amazingly clever and thoughtful designs.

First of all, the SBS double slide zipper designed for luggage is exquisite and durable for countless uses, and slide easily and smoothly from any direction.

Secondly, Nayo EXP highlights with three internal compartments and countless small pockets for better organizing, keeping backpack fresh and clean, and satisfy the obsessive-compulsive people who like to organize their bags.

Nayo EXP business travel backpack compartments

Thirdly, a separate padded compartment at the back keeps your electronics secure. As to some backpacks, there is no one. With Nayo EXP, you don’t need to buy an extra bumper bag.

Fourthly, various sizes of pockets can be used to sort sundries. For instance, a special narrow and long pocket is suitable for storing pens and pen-shaped stuff like drawing sensor pens; and a small pocket on the front strap is perfect for hotel key-card and transit pass.

Besides the special pockets, buckle in the front harness could be a whistle (just in case).

Nayo EXP business travel backpack whistle

Conclusion: Variable Capacity, Easy to Organize, Muti-functioning, Durable and Comfy 

Nayo EXP backpack is not only variable, versatile, great-looking, but also high functioning, which brings convenience in organizing items, reduces the burden of travel, easily charges with an external charging port, suitable for all-weather situations. It is also designed with delicate and practical details like a comfy pad, nylon strap to business travel luggage, and a hidden whistle for emergency. In short, If you want a versatile and practical backpack, I recommend you Nayo EXP.

You could check it out here: Nayo EXP Backpack

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