How to Choose An Ideal Business Travel Bag

How to Choose An Ideal Business Travel Bag

An appropriate travel backpack can make any trip for business more pleasant, and less distressing. Picking the best business backpack is a significant decision since it can mean the contrast between having a good time out and about and having a terrible trip experience. You have to ensure that your PC fits the bag and the bag is easy to use and looks trendy, besides, makes you feel good when carrying it.

There is a ton to think about when you're searching for a suitable business backpack. You might become clueless when facing so many brands and models of backpacks with different prices, quality and user experience. Certainly, you have to do research before getting yourself an appropriate bag that can not only meet your needs but also make you feel good. 

Here are some of the important factors most affecting your decision in buying one business backpack. 
1. Multi-layer space with functional pockets 

You will prepare a lot of items for your business trip. In addition to clothes, you might take along a compact WiFi device, plugs, business cards, business documents, etc. That implies you need to consider a lot of pocket space for your different use and ensure that your bag is spacious enough to pack all of your necessities. You don't want any trouble or problems of leaving them in one pocket disorderly or having difficulty finding what you need. Having a backpack is to keep all necessities with you in order and make your trip easy and relaxed.

Our Nayo Genaral will satisfy your needs for a big capacity with a lot of functional pockets. It is designed to have 20 pockets in all. No matter clothes, electronics, book or toiletries, there is always a space to hold them and organize them neatly. 

We have two specifications:

Large size - Volume: 30L   Weight: 1.5 kg  

Dimensions: 51 L x 17 W x 35 H cm fit for 17.3” laptop   

Normal size - Volume: 23L  Weight: 1.2 kg 

Dimensions: 46 L x 16 W x 32 H cm fit for 15.6” laptop


2. Does your laptop fit the layer size?

When you are going on a business trip, it is ensured that you will be using a PC consistently. It's essential to guarantee that your laptop fits the backpack layer size so that you could have a "professional" business trip with PC.

3. Does backpack size fit your body size?

If a backpack is too big for your body, it means not only too heavy to your bearing capability, but also kills your comfortableness and health. However, if the size is too small for your size, you might feel the bag is binding on your body and restricting your movement. A suitable fitting size will make your traveling fluent and easy.  Try to get the right size!

4. Anti-theft

It cannot be denied that the backpack for your business trip, to some extent, is a compact mobile home or office for you. Obviously, it will pack some important items no matter for your personal use or for business application. You wish all the important items in the bag are safe and intact no matter where you go. An anti-theft bag is like a lock to your home. You need the bag to have stealth zipper design, or some hidden pockets or compartments to hold those important items. You even hope the bag material is hard to cut or rip.

5. Weatherproof

You may spend uncertain time outdoors, and you are not familiar with local weather, or there may be an unpredictable heavy rain pouring. At this moment, you will wish your backpack is waterproof, to protect your computer or your business documents from getting soaked at least.

Nayo Anti-theft Shell adopted hard shell design. It has an in-built TSA lock to keep your laptop and other valuable items safe from being stolen or simply being lost in haste. Hidden pockets under back padding are also there so that don't lose the small yet invaluable stuff. 

With comfort and long lasting life in mind, the material has been carefully chosen. The outer covering is sturdy and water resistant to avoid any sort of damage or harm to the bag or stored items and the breathable back cushion reduces the burden on your body and makes it easy to carry it around.



6. Ergonomic Straps& Padded Back

Straps are a crucial part of the experience of using a backpack. Especially ergonomic straps are blessing during your whole trip.

Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to adjust the bag above your hips, so the backpack is high on your back and the shoulder carrying is comfortable.  

Adjustable wearing straps can vary from different thicknesses of clothes you are wearing so that they are not too tight nor too loose.

A chest strap helps keep the shoulder straps fixing on a position and reduces swaying of the pack. A padded shoulder strap will stop digging painfully into your shoulders.  

A softly padded back can divert the weight load to your back.

Most of our NayoSmart backpacks are designed with ergonomic straps and padded back to maximize the comfortableness of using our bags.

There is no best backpack, but you can get an ideal one to meet your actual needs after adopting and discarding any of the above-mentioned factors.
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