Choose A Right Backpack Type For Your Trip

Choose A Right Backpack Type For Your Trip

You are always excited and looking forward to traveling to other places, but you may be annoyed with problems like which bag to carry? What necessities to carry on your trips?  You may assume that small bags are not good for you because you would like to bring a lot of stuff on trips and bring the stuff back home again. Meanwhile, you may also be hesitant about using a large-capacity bag that may fully pack all your items but excesses your bear for weight or is too large to be carried onto a plane.

You have to make clear about this question: what you put into your bag will determine how big of the bag you will carry with on your trip. Then you realize you are dealing with two different things - the pack and what you put into it. If you do it right, you can do with less and hence a smaller pack.

Carrying everything 'just in case' is a false economy. Have you looked at what you "assume" you want to bring with you on your trip? Have you bothered to gather up all of the stuff you think you want to bring and see if it meets your "light as possible" standard? Your idea of "light as possible" standard may be larger than 40L. Remember, you should check on your airline's rules for carryon sizes and weights. If you plan to fly around many countries, do be aware of airlines' luggage restrictions and charges.

Well, the backpack size depends on your travel duration. The quantity of items you will need for a one - month trip has no big difference with that of things you will prepare for a one-year trip. However, if you are organizing stuff for a two- week trip or shorter, try to use a small size day pack. Most of you would like to use your backpack for not just one-off trip but for a lot of future trips. Besides, replacing the bag every few trips is not fun.

One tip that made sense is to lay out what you need (not you want or assume is handy), and choose a different type of bag/luggage to meet your actual needs.
  • Rolling Luggage: Wheels are nice. There’s no need to carry all your gear on your back if you know you’re going to be traveling in a city where there are paved roads and sidewalks. As you are traveling in winter, your clothes may not only be bulkier but also heavier. Having one that has a long enough handle that is comfortable enough to pull when fully loaded, as well as being the lightest weight.
  • Carry-On: Whenever possible, travel with a carry on luggage. It’ll just mean you can save time at the airport, save on check-in fees, guarantee the airlines won’t lose your bag….
  • Wheeled Backpack: If you are going through different types of terrain, or switching from airports to cobblestones, having a bag with the option to roll it or carry it like a wheeled backpack is really handy. Be aware of the size, ensure the size works so well for flight cabins. Some bigger sizes don't always fit in overhead because of the wheels and rigid base, so the day pack made it really stick out and pull back.  
  • Travel Backpack: If you know you don’t want the extra weight of wheels, traveling with a travel pack is going to mean hands-free mobility and ultimate versatility.

Nayo Combo is like a combination of a backpack, briefcase, and handbag. The completed volume is only 35L and weight is 1.4kg. You can’t believe it can adapt to all occasions whenever you need it to be: backpack, shoulder bags, briefcase, leisure package. It has two color options: black and gray. It zips open like a suitcase, much easier to pack stuff. The detachable shoulder strap and zip-on design allow you to separate the whole one into two: you can leave the heavier main bag (packing your personal clothing or toiletry bag basics) in the luggage room and go exploring with the lighter backpack (packing some valuables: iPad, phone or camera) for day trips. Durable waterproof material will keep your laptop, clothes and important documents from raining. Strong and comfortable shoulder straps, padded back support and sturdy chest belt will keep the backpack fixed on your back, costing you almost no energy and sweaty armpits. There are so many little details that are practical and helpful. If you have one like Nayo Combo, you will find more surprise.


If you need more necessities to carry along on your long-term trips, say more than 2 years, and you try to make yourself as comfortable and humanly as possible like being at home, make a combination of your packing gears. A wheeled backpack with a day bag or a carry-on with a day bag is recommended. Remember, the day bag size fits the flight cabin and airlines won’t lose your bag. It’s sure most of the airlines are seriously responsible for your necessities.

However, we would like to emphasize traveling light. Do yourself a favor and actually do travel as light as humanly possible. Traveling light means having one durable backpack, not too heavy or bulky, small enough to take like eliminating the need to wait around at carousels or worry that it's lost. Nayo Combo is in the trend of traveling light.

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