How to Select a Business Laptop Backpack

As a businessman, you always carry a laptop with you. Hence, it’s smart to have a proper backpack for comfortable wearing and the protection of your laptop. With so many business laptop backpacks in the market, how to select? What features do you expect? What style do you prefer? Which brand do you pick? If you have no idea how to select, this article will definitely help you.

how to select a business laptop backpack

Features to Consider When Select A Business Laptop Backpack

1. Size

How to pick the right size for your laptop? You should consider your laptop’s size first. Always pick the right size of the bag that your laptop can fit to its laptop compartment or pocket, then your laptop will fit well when moving or bumping. Please note that choose the right size of the laptop compartment, not just the bag’s size.

2. Style and Practicality

A bag for business usually is clean, formal, classic and minimalistic. Apart from the laptop compartment, you might take with keys, an umbrella, power bank, documents, charger, and other work gears. To sort out all kinds of items, you’d better choose one bag with various pockets for getting them at ease. And if you travel a lot for work, your laptop bag should be capable of packing clothes for a short-term trip, that’s to say 25L volume and more. In general, select the one fitting your demands.

3. Padding

No matter how long and how much loads you wear, hurts should be avoided. Either you drop, knock or dump the bag, a well-padded laptop compartment should be equipped with to absorb the impact. And a well-padded back cushion will let you wear at ease without pains. Therefore, for the security of gears and your cozy wearing, a well-padded laptop compartment and back cushion is especially needed.

4. Durable and Waterproof Material

To protect a delicate laptop in a backpack, it is essential to select a durable and waterproof one that can avoid scratches, shocks and water leaking. A high-quality laptop backpack made of durable material will maintain their good looks for ages to come and keep comfortable for day-to-day use with no signs of fatigue. There are many materials like canvas, leather, polyester, nylon, etc. No matter which material you pick, always check the quality of the bag’s other areas like zippers, lining, shoulder straps, and internal pockets. Details always reflect quality.

how to select a business laptop backpack1

5. Ergonomics

To choose an ergonomics laptop backpack is essential. Many people suffer from shoulder and back pain not only by the ways they carry a bag but also for poor bag design. To minimize pains, you should at least select an ergonomic bag that specializes in providing you comfort and health benefits for your body and shoulders.

6. Anti-theft Design

Working gears like laptops are usually expensive, and you might also keep valuable stuff in bags. It is unfortunate and troublesome to buy another laptop or reapply cards that were stolen. Thus, a bag with an anti-theft design is extremely good.

7. External USB Charging Port

If you would like to charge your phone on the go, you should select a bag with an external USB charging port feature. And be noted that bags usually with a built-in cable but without a power bank.

According to the features above, I am pretty sure you will be able to find the best laptop backpack which will meet your all requirements. And here I am gonna share with you 3 business laptop backpacks I love.

1. Incase Icon Pack$99.98

This backpack is durable and weather resistant, looking chic and understated while offering practical and versatile storage options. The main compartment is large enough to carry a 15-inch laptop, along with purposeful pockets for organizing extra accessories and other essentials, which is my favorite part of it.

More details here:

how to select a business laptop backpack2

2. Timbuk2 – The Authority Pack28L  $129

If you travel a lot for work and need to take a lot of stuff with you, then this is the perfect business laptop backpack for you, with 28L volume. I carry it for my business trip every time. Designed for comfortably carrying all of the office necessities, this strong, durable and a well thought out backpack has plenty of room to accommodate items with ease and with a 17-inch laptop compartment, which just fits one of my laptops.

More details here:

3. Nayo DefensorAnti-theft Design $80

Nayo Defensor is with anti-theft design, locking zippers, slash-proof fabric, and secret pockets, which are good for avoiding losing things. The high quality, durable, polyurethane construction will ensure that your gear stays dry and protected for many years to come. And it is with a laptop compartment for 15.6 inches laptop. I love commuting with it every day.

More details here:

Your needs and requirements determine your selection of the bags’ features, style, practicality, laptop size and etc. What is the best business laptop backpack for you doesn’t mean it is best for others. So make sure it’s the one that meets your needs, does its job correctly and that you enjoy wearing!

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