How to tell if a backpack is worth buying?

How to tell if a backpack is worth buying?


People need bags for whatever they are going to do now. Just as Domitille Parent, director of product at Eastpak said, “The backpack is a versatile piece of fashion, you can put all your essentials in it, and more. Whether you go to work, to the gym, or into the city for a day, the backpack has got you covered.”


A right backpack can make cycling, walking or public transportation easier, whether you’re running errands or going to work or class. So, how to tell if a backpack is worth buying?


What situation you may meet when you choose a backpack?

With so many backpacks out there, it is confusing to know how to pick the right one. Too big and you’ll have too much extra weight to carry around, or you need to check the backpack before boarding, while if it is a too small one, you’ll never fit all your gear in it. Pick the wrong material and your stuff will be soaked in the rain. Also, many backpacks do not classify the compartments and pockets. Those backpacks only set 3-5 compartments so that users can only stuff their gear into the same compartment, resulting in a mess inside of the pack. And when we need to take something out, we need to dig into the bottom to get what we want. What’s worse, not only are cheap miscellaneous-brand backpacks not durable, the merchants may not provide any after-sales service! Not a good experience even thinking about the above circumstances.


What characteristics a high-quality backpack should have?

Isn't there any high-quality backpacks available out there? Of course not, there are many high-quality backpacks, and each style has a brilliant representative, the reasons why I don’t recommend will be mentioned below. Here I want to introduce Nayo Almighty backpack, which can solve all the problems mentioned above. It's too unconvincing to exaggerate it in word, let's reveal the secret.

1. Water repellent zipper

Nayo Almighty features waterproof zippers which are designed specifically for luggage to stand up to heavy loads and frequent use, and the rain will not penetrate the backpack from the zipper.

Waterproof zipper

2. 10mm PE foam padding in back and shoulder

The padding of backpacks on the market generally uses 6-10mm low foam PE foam. Different from those products, Nayo Almighty is filled with 10mm high-elasticity, anti-compression, and shock-resistant PE foam pads, which are breathable than EVA foam.

10mm PE foam

3. 600D coated polyester compounded with knitted fabric

The fabric covered with an environmental waterproof coating guarantees the great waterproof performance of the backpack, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. The composite material will make the backpack stiffer.


4. 3D spacer fabric

3D spacer fabric features high air permeability, insulation, durable and compression strength, because of those attributes, the surface of sports shoes are also often made of this fabric.

5. EVA foam 

The inner side of the main body of the backpack uses 2mm EVA foam to fix the shape of the backpack, making the bag stiffer, and it will not collapse even if the backpack is not loaded.

EVA foam

6. Multiple compartments and pockets

Nayo Almighty has a clear internal structure and more than 20 pockets, no matter what gear you carry, there is a suitable place for it.




The materials of the backpack have a store of recondite knowledge, even backpacks that look the same in appearance will have uneven quality. A right backpack always does better during use. 


What does a good backpack should serve?

Imagine that when you walk on the romantic streets of Paris, or when you fall into the classical aristocratic atmosphere of London. Halfway through your route, the heavens open, leaving both you and your bag sopping wet. Then, if you go out with a rucksack, the files in it will get wet, and even worse, the electronic products will be damaged, but if you choose Nayo Almighty water-repellent backpack, it can save your valuable luggage and electronics from irreversible damage. 


The advantage of Almighty is not only reflected in the waterproof function. Our old customers have all witnessed the durability of it. Under normal use, our backpack can be used for about 2-3 years. If it is well maintained, it can be used longer. Thousands of customers who bought our backpacks more than a year ago are still using our backpacks, and most of them recommended our backpacks to their friends or bought them again as gifts. However, a low-quality backpack may not bring you a nice experience of getting around. It may rot after one or two months of use, and it is embarrassing and inconvenient to encounter this situation outside.


Besides, Almighty backpack also has an anti-theft pocket on the back, which is a wise design for users to store their phones and wallets. It also has a built-in charging cable, which can be a life-saving feature in those dreaded dead battery moments. What’s more, NayoSmart official provide complete after-sales service for it, we have a warranty of 180 days on production malfunctions, and you can return products without providing any reason within 7 days of purchase.


Why do we recommend Nayo Almighty?

Because of the good quality and design, Almighty has been widely praised by our customers and we’re encouraged to continue to launch more new products. Many Internet celebrities also have recommend our backpacks on their channels. Search “NayoSmart” directly and you will find many reviews of them.


With such advantages, Almighty stands out among many backpacks. The basic price of such a high-quality multifunctional backpack on the market is generally around US$120-US$200. The expensive price makes us discouraged, and this is the main reason why I do not recommend them. If the budget is sufficient, some high-quality brands are also recommended, you can find them in Why I Select Business Travel backpacks as Gifts?


Unlike those high-priced brands, Almighty only costs about US$90, and now we offer an extra 15% off, the coupon code is: NEW15. If you are planning to buy a waterproof/multifunctional/durable backpack, you might as well add Almighty as an alternative XDXDXD