Why I Choose A Backpack Rather Than Suitcase

Why I Choose A Backpack Rather Than Suitcase

Traveling with only a backpack can be a freeing thing. Image all your important stuff can be gotten within arm’s reach, that would be much more convenient than being taken out from a luggage case.  With one bag, you can easily glide from one place to another.
While choosing a backpack for travel is not always an easy thing. We are always clueless when facing so many brands and models of backpacks with different price, durability, capacity, and practicability. But what I value most are the following factors:  
Backpack vs. Roller Luggage
If you need to carry a large volume of pieces of stuff during travel, just skip this part and get a piece of luggage. For most common travelers, a large capacity backpack is good enough. Backpack gives you much greater mobility. Usually, the size of a backpack can be allowed to carry on the airplane. So you can breeze through the airport without any delay. You will never wait anxiously around a baggage carousel so that you will not worry about losing your luggage.    


Backpack makes you feel freeing!
With a practical backpack, you enable both of your hands free and you're not continually pulling something behind you. I know roller luggage works like a charm on smooth airport and hotel floor, but you might experience annoying situation on a winding cobblestone road or a sandy beach. Loud noise from unsteady wheels of standard travel luggage can be an uncomfortable situation. Well, a decent business backpack can balance both elegance and ease to cross any scenes.


Lightweight Body also can be versatile

When we choose a backpack for travel, we reach a consensus that it is packed lightly and comfortably. Just take your pack around with you for the day—no need to stop by and drop your luggage off. Still, you can hold all of your belongings with you at one bag since more and more travel bags are designed to have versatile pockets inside rather than only one compartment. This bag from made by NayoSmart is definitely meeting all your needs for a travel backpack. The expanded body has two main compartments, one for electronics, another for daily clothes. Finely designed pockets hold all your belongings neatly.     

Provide Flexibility
A smartly designed backpack will take up less room on the airplane or in the public transit while holding more stuff inside. What’s more, you’ ll generally feel more agile vs needing to drag around rolling luggage, with the added benefit of not looking like an out-of-place tourist. It caters to a more adventurous lifestyle by always being ready to go. And, you can easily catch that train that’s about to depart without awkwardly side-running with a roller bag or two. 
Look Smart 
All of us want to look good carrying luggage in an urban environment, but also have the flexibility for a couple of days of camping without having your backpack ruined by the elements. If you’ve got a suitcase, it’s going to be hard to do that spontaneous ½ day trek on the trail to the neighboring city you’ve been wanting to check out. Likewise, if you want to post up at a coffee shop for a day of office work, you’re going to look out of place with bulky, multi-colored hiking bag. Nayo Anti-theft Shell backpack can be a good choice to solve the problem since it blends into most city environments and is durable enough to withstand the abuse of longer excursions. 


No matter you are scratching your head to carry all the things for travel or you are a minimalist willing to take as little stuff as you can, travel backpack always works for you. You need to realize that there is no perfect backpack for every traveler and believe all of you can find a pack that’s perfect for their unique needs.

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