Useful Anti-theft Tips in Your Traveling

Useful Anti-theft Tips in Your Traveling

You are always fascinated by the beautiful scenery or culture of a foreign country, however, you are daunted by the thought of bad public security and valuables being stolen. All travelers should face a fact that theft is inevitable no matter where they travel.

One can't be too careful in matters like traveling in an unfamiliar country. Here are some useful anti-theft tips for your reference.

Tip 1: Do not be the easiest target.

Thieves will go for the easy target. Try to keep a low profile, don't wear high-end branded clothing implying "I’m a tourist with a money bag".  If possible, don’t have fancy stuff or anything worth robbing on you when visiting those less secure destinations, then you will improve your chances to be well.

Try to blend in with the locals, and wear what they wear and act what they do. Behave and respect people around you.

An added benefit of blending with the locals is that you will find more fun when you get closer to the local people and culture.

Tip 2: Carry the bag on your front.

It is very useful not to carry your bag normally, but switch it to the front when you are in crowded areas or using public transportation.  Pickpockets are so sneaky and amazingly good at stealing things from your bag while you barely notice a hand in your bag if the bag is on your back.  Moreover, you need to keep an eye on your bag right in front of you,  or else it's possible to lose something from your bag when you are having a nap or completely distracted. Never underestimate a theft's living skill!

Tip 3: Do not trust all "friendliness" or "free help".

Do not even trust airlines to safely handle your luggage. From some stealing experience, those stories happen in airlines!

Tip 4: Strategically keep your necessities in your different bags.

Your main bag may be out of your site or sight for hours and this is a perfect time for thieves.

Make sure your valuables are not in your big backpack, but you always keep them with you in your smaller day bag which allows you to take it everywhere without implying: this bag has valuables, come to rob me!  Be careful and keep an eye on it!

Keep your passports, cash and bank cards in a money belt around your waist.  Don't be naive to think that it is impossible for a pickpocket to reach your waist, especially without your noticing. Remember: the villains can always outsmart! Try to cover the money belt under your long shirts.

If you are traveling with someone else, split them up between the two of you, so that one of you could always have a passport and a credit card to go.

By taking these precautions that are simple and easy to implement, you will dramatically reduce the risk of being the victim of theft and you will find that you will be more relaxed during your travel because you don't have to constantly worry about being subjected to theft.

However, you might feel not fully enjoyed the trip without using your iPad, camera, Macbook, etc.. If you must or have to bring those fancy valuables worth robbing, refer to those tips below to gear up for your trip.

Tip 5: Use an anti-theft backpack.

An anti-theft bag is like a lock to your home. You need the bag to have stealth zipper design, or some hidden pockets or compartments to hold those important items. You even hope the bag material is hard to cut or rip.

Nayo Anti-theft Shell has an in-built TSA lock to keep your laptop and other valuable items safe from being stolen or simply being lost in haste. Hidden pockets under back padding will prevent you from losing the small yet invaluable stuff. It has one main compartment with versatile pockets for both electronics and daily necessities. Laptops, tablets, books, clothes and gadgets, you can literally carry your world along with you.


Nayo Defensor has secret pockets, locking zippers, water resistance, and splash-proof fabric. Similar to Nayo Anti-theft Shell, it has an in-built TSA lock, to maximumly protect your valuables in a safe condition.

Tip 6: Get travel insurance.

If you’re carrying valuables like a laptop, DSLR camera or jewelry, it makes sense for you to get travel insurance for them, so that you won't feel too much pain when suffering from the loss of them once they are stolen.

Besides, do not use a “Logo” camera bag for your DSLR and gear.

Tip 7: Be lucky.

The best way to avoid being robbed is to be lucky! Then the rest for you to do is relax and enjoy your trip!

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