Top 6 Recommended Multifunctional Backpack for Men

Top 6 Recommended Multifunctional Backpack for Men

There are more bag styles for women, compared to those for men, barely like a briefcase, a duffel bag, a backpack, or a messengers bag. Among them, Backpacks are one of the most practical bag types for work and travel. So, with so many backpacks to choose from, how to choose from them? Today Nayosmart has concluded the top 6 recommended multifunctional backpacks for men, some are bought and tested by our designers and some are recommended and reviewed by customers from the network. Let’s have a look right now!

TOP 1: Nordepack Backpack

Nordepack backpack was founded by a Hong Kong designer. The brand name came from Nordkapp, meaning the origin of the world. Nordepack backpack mainly produces and sells bags related to business use, and they are durable and comfortable, accompanying you on the way to work and business trip.

Nayosmart recommends this backpack because the backpack is a multifunctional backpack, suitable for commuting, business trip, and traveling. It is made of durable and waterproof material. The main compartment can be expanded from 24L to 34L, which combines the functions and designs of the backpack and suitcase. Besides, with a simple and cool outlook, reflective logo, and quality material, it is quite practical and cost-effective. 

TOP 2: GREGORY Backpack

GREGORY locates in California, applying popular and multifunctional designs with a unique look, and it is not just stylish but also practical. The founder of GREOGY thought the backpack was not just for wearing, but also must be involving in daily life.

GREGORY backpack is a fashionable backpack and features so many pockets to sort out your pieces of stuff, like mesh pockets, large capacity compartment, water bottle pocket, umbrella pocket, and so on, meeting all your demands. Design with cool buckles, this is an amazing backpack matching your fashion outfits.  

TOP 3: ARC’TERYX Arro Backpack

ARC’TERYX Arro Backpack came from Canada, mainly based on outdoor apparel and sports kits, focusing on functions and designs, being loved by customers.

ARC’TERYX Arro Backpack is available in two sizes, 16L and 22L. It has a specific and padded compartment for the laptop. Arro is very durable, fitting outdoor activities, commuting, and school use.

TOP 4: AS2OV Backpack


A shared sense of value is the brand concept of AS2OV. It applies the world class’s materials and technology, and adds the latest innovative design and practicality, making it popular since it appeared on the market. AS2OV is regarded as the most innovative brand in Japan.

With so many layers, it keeps all items in their orders in the bag and gets access to it quickly. Apart from this function, it is made of durable nylon, making it lingers for the years coming. If you are finding a versertial backpack lasting long, this cannot be missed out.



PORTER UNION Backpack integrates handbag and backpack’s types, focusing on practicality,sleek outlook, pretty popular and beloved by its customers. 

The opening is quite wide and suitable for fitting in books, laptops and other business-related subjects. And businessmen love it. Of course, students are very fond it, too.


Nayo Almighty backpack is made by NayoSmart, a brand founded in China, and our designers from Taiwan and China mainland. We mainly design minimalist backpacks but with practical and multifunctional features. 

Nayo Amighty is very popular among our customers for its storage performance, with about 20 pockets and specific layers for iPad and laptop, making it an all-purpose bag for commuting, business trip, and sightseeing. Moreover, its price is very affordable. Therefore, if you are seeking an affordable and multifunctional backpack, you can have a try.

All in all, above 6 multiple functional backpacks for men can meet all the demands of customers who need only one backpack for work, travel, and leisure use. All you need is to select one within our budget and match your own taste. If you have multifunctional backpacks worth recommending, please feel free to share with us.

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