How to Reform a Backpack?

How to Reform a Backpack?

How to Reform a Backpack?

Your backpack might be your favorite. You may take it with you everywhere, and use it every day, but even if it’s made of quality material it will eventually lose its shape and need to be reformed. Or there will be wear and tear during your commute and need to be repaired. Here we will share with you some useful and actionable repair tips to restore your backpack to its original glory.

How to Reform a Backpack Thats Lost Its Shape?

  1. Blowing up balloons in appropriate sizes, wrapping them in large towels, and putting them in the deformed bag for about a day -- let the fiber/leather of your backpack expand. At the same time, keep the bag dry. Note that it is best to use plastic balloons, which are more durable. After one day, remove balloons and towels, and then stuff the entire bag with newspaper or cotton paper. Don’t forget to choose the filler according to the bag’s material, to prevent scratching or staining backpacks with ink.
  1. If your backpack is made of leather, and its leather becomes stiff after using it for a long time. In this case, it is recommended to wipe with special maintenance oil, which can restore the original softness. Please pay attention to choose proper maintenance oil for different leathers.
  1. If a backpack wrinkles, you can cover the area with a clean cloth and iron it with a steam iron; To cover cloth is to avoid bags’ leather/fiber directly contacting with the iron.
  1. When not in use, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth, and keep it in a cool place. Stuff some newspapers in your backpack and put it in the closet to keep the bag in shape.
  1. Besides, please pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance. Here you can refer to Top 9 Tips of Care Instructions for Backpacks.

How to Repair Backpack Fabric Tears or Holes?

When going to school, commuting, or hanging out with friends, you might find your backpack with problems like fabric holes or tears. What you need to do is to fix it as soon as possible. The best option is to buy a tape first and tie it up. Thus, it will not affect your upcoming itinerary.

Once you go back home, you can refer to the following repairing tips and make your backpack perform as new.

  1. If you know how to sew, it is recommended to choose larger needles and fishing wires/dental floss instead of a regular thread; they are stronger can prevent the backpack from tearing again.
  1. Sew twice on the tearing position. If it is on a visible part of the backpack, you can sew a patch there for better looking.
  1. If you don’t know how to sew, you should seek professionals for help, such as your merchant (NayoSmart official website provides a 180-day warranty) or a bag repair shop.

How to Solve Shoulder Strap Problems?

One common problem with backpacks is shoulder straps falter. There is nothing more depressing than your shoulder strap snapping or tearing. Let's see what we can do to fix a tearing shoulder strap.

  1. If a strap of a drawstring bag is tearing, there is no other way except to replace it with a new piece of string.
  1. If a shoulder strap of your commuter backpack snapped from the opening, please cut along the seam to the opening, and sew the shoulder strap to the opening.
  1. In order to prevent a shoulder strap from tearing or snapping, you should pay attention to a load of your Don't overload it frequently. It is not only harmful to the backpack but also harmful to your body.

How to Deal With Zippers and Slides Problem?

Another common backpack problem is a zipper that stops functioning. The worst thing is to find that the zipper is stuck or distorted during a trip, and you have to use it to hold valuables such as laptops. Today we provide you a few tips to help you solve these problems quickly.

  1. If a zipper is distorted (slides work), you may need some tools (such as pliers) and apply a few skills when you repair. Open the zipper as much as you can, and then gently squeeze the top and bottom of the slider together with the help of When the slider gets closer to the zip, the ensemble should start working together seamlessly!
  1. If a zipper is jammed, you can use something that can lubricate the zipper teeth. Basically, almost all oily items can work. If you are outdoors, you can try lip balm. If you are at home, you can also try soap or candles.
  1. If a zipper is stuck due to the bending teeth, it is more difficult to repair. You need to use needle-nose pliers to gently apply force to the tooth of the zipper to restore until it works. Make sure not to force violently to avoid breaking the tooth.

We use mesh frequently for backpack pockets or compartments. What should we do if a mesh fabric is broken?

  1. If it is in a visible part, please sew
  1. If it is torn in a large area, please replace it with a new mesh.
  1. Mesh cloth is quite vulnerable and easy to be hooked and torn quickly, so you should be careful when you carry it.

We hope these easy-to-operate and useful repair tips could help you. Because it would be a shame to give up your backpack when you could use your imagination and skills to reform its shape. At last, if you have any backpack repair tips and tricks, please feel free to share it with us.

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