Top 9 Tips of Cleaning and Care Instructions for Backpacks

Top 9 Tips of Care Instructions for Backpacks

Backpacks are crucial for kids, students, gear enthusiasts, employees and travelers to carry books, documents, clothes, laptops and other gears on the go. A good backpack is just like a property, which needs care. In addition, after day to day use, cleaning and maintenance are essential, too. Thus, I am going to share with you the top 9 tips of cleaning and care instructions for backpacks to expect backpacks last longer.

Top 9 Tips of Cleaning and Care Instructions for Backpacks1. Choose a Right Backpack

First of all, you should choose the right backpack or the other tips will not be useful. Always make sure you pick a quality backpack, check out bag’s details like stitches, zippers, shoulder straps, inner pocket settings and etc. Once you choose a pack you like and that does its job, you will make effort to take care of it. Or you might think to buy another bag or just leave it there. Therefore, just pick the right backpack first. More picking details you could refer to the article How to Select a Business Laptop Backpack OR Choose A Right Backpack Type For Your Trip.

2. Never Over Packing

After choosing the right backpack, you should never overpack. For broken backpack usually tears from seams, straps, and zippers. To minimize damage, you should at least not let your backpack overload. Moreover, you should learn how to pack light for your trip and to organize items well to avoid overpacking.

3. Treat Backpacks Properly

When coming to backpack care instructions, your ways of treating backpacks should be noticed. Taking caring of things always helps them last longer. A Backpack is not an exception. Rude ways like drop and bumps backpacks heavily to the floor or chair should be avoided; never overloading; a rain cover should be prepared to protect from downpours in case of some non-waterproof bags.

Top 9 Tips of Cleaning and Care Instructions for Backpacks2

4. Clean the Backpack Regularly

This is one of the most important tips for cleaning and care instructions for your backpack. However, you should avoid using harsh soaps and stain removers when you clean your backpack. Because they can erode the waterproof coating or even damage the backpack’s fabric. It’s advisable that you clean your bag at least one time per season or when needed but don’t too often.

5. Pre-Treat

Use vacuum cleaner first to clean the dirt in the backpack. And pre-treat any stains ahead with stain remover. Never use things that can bleach. Soak the backpack for an hour or two before washing. Pre-treat will make clean easier.

6. Cleaning Gently

If you are a hiking or camping enthusiast, you should clean out your pack thoroughly after each trip. And wash by hand using a very gentle soap, warm water, and a soft brush or sponge to clean. Always watch out your backpacks washing label, for some should avoid sunshine drying or machine wash, some could but should be put in a clothes bag. All in all, cleaning it gently.

7. maintain your Backpack’s Zippers

Zippers are common to fail hardware on backpacks. If you properly maintain the zippers, backpacks can last longer. There are three points for zippers care: don’t force the zippers, clean the zippers regularly and lubricate the zippers, which will make your backpack last longer and running smoothly.

Top 9 Tips of Cleaning and Care Instructions for Backpacks38.Dry Your Backpack Naturally

Can you put a backpack in the dryer? Absolutely not! Because it can damage the bag’s fabric. Instead, you should allow the backpack to dry naturally, prevent any direct sources of heats. Hang your backpack upside down to ensure dry it quickly. It is always smart to store your backpack away when it completely dries.

9. Store in A Dry Place

Store your bag in a dry place to avoid covering with mould. Never leave it in the cellar but to store in a wardrobe or hang on a clothes tree. Hang it or lay it flat rather than upstanding to keep it in a good shape.

Cleaning and caring backpack are crucial, for it’s an investment and you will not purchase a bag every season. Follow my tips above, you will easily have a backpack with a longer lifespan.

In summary, tips of cleaning and caring instructions for backpacks like choose a proper smart backpack, smart packing, gently treating and using, regularly cleaning and caring, and storing in a proper manner, will make your backpack last longer possibly.

If you have other backpacks maintenance and cleaning tips, leave us comments to tell us!

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