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A Backpack Has These Unexpected Features?

Can You Imagine? A Backpack Has These Unexpected Features

I have a backpack for work, with anti-collision designed inner layer that fits a laptop and iPad; I also have a backpack for travel, featuring large capacity and anti-theft layer for comfortable and secure wearing; and a backpack for business trips, which I could carry it by hand or on the shoulder for versatile occasions and packing more Monocular cameras and lenses. In order to meet the demands of business and travel, we properly change or choose a proper backpack for certain events at any time. What we care about is just its practicality and security. If there is a backpack like Doraemon’s treasure pocket that meets all my needs, only one backpack will be enough for me. 

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An anti-theft backpack is no longer an innovative design. NayoSmart, a bag manufacturer professional in the travel and business backpacks, should know that the basic functions of an anti-theft backpack are large-capacity, comfort, and security. But how to survive from so many anti-theft backpacks rather than die in the wave? Special functions, detailed texture, material appearance, and even price are very important. What makes Nayo Defensor stand out from other backpacks? And why Nayo Smart backpacks are popular in Europe and the USA? Can you image? A backpack has these Features. That is what we are going to talk about today.

Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack -- Lightweight Suitcase Structure Design

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You might hesitate and doubt my word that I pretty look like Takeshi Kaneshiro. But if I say Nayo Defensor anti-theft backpack looks like a mini suitcase, you are going to agree with me. It looks like a square-shape suitcase, but slices diamond-cut shade with different materials on the four sides, which makes backpacks look like 3D stereoscopic look. Even more, with water-proof material, you never should worry about high-priced 3c products get damaged because of moisture.

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Backpacks opened 180 degrees like a suitcase are few. Besides, fully pull zipper design, velcro opening structure could adjust the opening angle. To people travel a lot, it is a boon to put a backpack 180 degrees open on the hotel floor or bed at any time.

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On the side of the main compartment, layer functions are plentiful, including two flexible and anti-collision storage pockets for fitting 3c products in a small size. On the left layer, it is for placing a mobile power bank. Nayo Defensor has a built-in charge port. Besides, there is a detachable key ring outside of the layer. Keys could fix to that position, and you will no longer dig around a backpack to reach keys. Then there is a certain position to hold 4 pens. At the back, there is one is a hidden zipper pocket with high privacy.

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Suitcase could open 90 degrees, so does Nayo Defensor anti-theft backpack. A tablet up to 15.6” and a 10”iPad could be packed in two anti-collision layers.

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For daily use, the backpack’s velcro could stick on completely as average backpacks.

Nayo Defensor Anti-Theft Backpack -- Concealed Breathable Decompression Straps Create Multiple Wearing Methods

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Designed with a gap in the middle of the back pad, you could fix Nayo Defensor Anti-Theft Backpack to rolling luggage to reduce the burden at your back when you travel abroad.

The materials of straps and back cushion are breathable and decompression, making sure the comfort and dry for long-wearing.

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There is a high-end design on the back pad. Open button at the top, straps can be hidden. If you would like to carry by hand, straps will not bother you for easier carry-on.

Nayo Defensor Anti-Theft Backpack -- TSA Customs Lock and Hidden Inner Pockets are Essence.

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How to make sure thefts will not open your backpack when you are outside? when there are crowed people, wearing a backpack in front or with inner zipper design are proper methods, but the most appropriate way is to lock it.

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The suitcase could be locked, and so does a backpack, but not your heart. Nayo Defensor anti-theft backpack adopts TSA customs lock as many as new-style suitcases. Unless thefts could try passwords from 000 to 999 in a short time, I strongly recommend you set a median digital bigger than 500 to be safe.

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There is a concealed zipper pocket in the back pad. On the whole, once you wear it, no one could touch your stuff like a valuable passport, wallet and ex-girlfriend’s pictures.

Nayo DefeNsor Anti-theft Backpack, with Sweet and Practical Travel Functions

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Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack is as sweet as I am, taking care of female users.

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Small Zipper pockets on the shoulder straps could keep proximity cards like transit cards, credit cards and shopping membership cards are taken out easily to use anytime.

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When the phone runs out of power, just connect to external USB charging port once the internal USB connecting to mobile power. 

Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack -- Hidden Functions Details not Easily Noticed

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Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack’s top holder adopts metal materials, which not only increase superb quality but also hold comfortably.

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The zipper layer on the one side of the backpack is a bundle pocket when it pulled out, which could pack a water bottle, a drink or an umbrella. It is very convenient and can be put away when it is not used. The appearance of the backpack looks quite great.

Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack -- A Bonus to Night Security

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Nayo Defensor Anti-theft Backpack has a side holder, which could be carried like a laptop bag.

In addition to low-profile NayoSmart brand name on the front, a reflective stripe in the middle increases the night safety.

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If a backpack is not delicate, it cannot surprise people; if a bag is not safe, it cannot comfort people. Backpack manufacturers are thriving to design more and more delicate functions of a bag, making backpack to be more anti-theft. It is a pity that we should pay attention to thefts. What we can do better is to prepare well enough to avoid being stolen. To own a backpack for work, travel and versatile events, all-purpose backpacks like NayoSmart Nayo Defensor are a smart choice.

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