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A Backpack Worthy of Its Namesake: All-Purpose

As a blogger in the technology industry and a person often working in this field, I have to travel a lot with a large number of work devices and carry-on items. I always need a backpack when I go to work. In the beginning, I was struggling with the usual models. Since I have carried more and more stuff, I began to prefer high-end ones. Backpacks must be spacious, compact, and comfortable. Recently I used a Nayo Almighty backpack from NayoSmart. It’s a backpack worthy of its namesake.

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Over the last few weeks, I have worn it in a lot of events like fairs, presentations, bike trips, and even outdoor cinema. Nayo Almighty works on all occasions, enhance I highly recommend it. However, you may think this is my own opinion. Here I am inviting you to asset my words. I think I have prepared convincing arguments, especially since I feel like the right person to test this type of product. Here I am going to start from a Almighty description of Nayo Almighty backpack.

Nayo Almighty -- A Multi-purpose Backpack

I will start with a general description of the backpack from NayoSmart. Nayo Almighty is a representative of universal backpacks, but a specifically equipped model. The manufacturer has a specific purpose for the whole structure. The primary task of the Almighty is not only to organize and transport everyday objects and electronics but also considering bundling functions. The backpack looked a bit inconspicuous, and at first sight even a little capacious. Until I started to fill it with objects, I found I was wrong. In the main compartment, two storage bags can be treated as an option. We could attach them to the bottom of the backpack with velcro or put them in the front pocket. If necessary, we’ll throw something in the main chamber to replace them. If you plan to pack a punch of small things, it is worth using these additional containers.

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Nayo Almighty can be used as a day pack (school or work), also a travel backpack for a weekend trip, sightseeing or a vacation. People traveled a lot knows how useful a comfortable and roomy backpack is, especially well-made ones. Nayo Almighty's design is ... I'm looking for the best word - prestigious. It will fit the mountains' journey, but also for a business trip. I even think that the target people are businessmen. Customers want to buy one stylish backpack, but with a chance to use it for something more than just carrying a laptop and documents. In other words, it has greater versatility. It is important for me that I don’t feel ashamed of wearing a backpack at a conference, for I have more benefits from it in lifestyle.

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Nayo Almighty currently is available with 2 sizes. I own the bigger one. The normal size is 46*16*32 cm, while a large one is 51*17*35 cm. The price difference between them is small, so it’s easy to choose when you place an order.

Nayo Almighty -- Backpack for Geek

Anyone else but a man from the technology industry, working in the media and need of proven solutions, would better test the product from the "geek" side. Initially, I want to combine it with the business functions, because I privately link them together. Hence, Nayo Almighty has already shown me a lot. However, I decided to separate them to show these aspects from a different perspective. In this way, you will find this is a gadget that could be used for travelers, businessmen, and ordinary users.

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That’s the Way I am Looking for Charging My Smartwatch While Hiking

As a backpack for a geek in technology, Nayo Almighty has special sections for electronics inside. You could see pockets and storage spaces once it opened. There is a laptop layer, both are well-padded and airy, and places for iPad, power bank and other electronics like a portable keyboard. With stretchable straps and an anti-collision pad, a laptop or an iPad won’t move while walking. I appreciate these design details most, which I didn't notice at first. And these are not what I only discovered after using the backpack for a long time. 

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In the backpack, there are mesh dividers that separate the sections for different uses. Since we open the backpack 180 degrees like a suitcase, this type of accessories that maintain the package are necessary. On one side is a tablet compartment; on the other, it is a compartment for clothes and other items.

Nayo almighty backpack for work 5

Nayo Almighty is with one cable and inbuilt charging port in the backpack. What’s more, there is a pocket for placing a power bank(yours). If necessary, just connect to the port. In this way, you should not pull the mobile power bank out of the pocket. Sometimes, it depends on the power bank dimensions. Unfortunately, my power bank cannot fit in the pocket because of the dimensions. Fortunately, the other pocket next to it was a perfect fit. Even more, we can easily find a lot of pockets for organizing cables and chargers.

Nayo Almighty for the Traveler

Now I am going to describe the backpack from a touristic perspective. The Almighty backpack has many features that you will appreciate on the go, from packing to reaching objects. Like I just mentioned above, the backpack is designed with several pockets and 180-degree opening, which is for easier packing and unpacking, or to keep things organized without taking out. You will be appreciated when you are busy on the road.

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Nayo Almighty is a Backpack, but It Opens Like a Suitcase.

On one side of the backpack, there is an Insulated side pocket for water bottles, although it is with a small capacity. On the other side, it is a zipper pocket to place a water bottle or an umbrella. Items in them will be reached instantly. You could zip up when you don’t use it, which keeps the backpack neat. Every detail shows the practicality and aesthetics of a bag, and so does the materials. The backpack is made of 600D high-density polyester (i have checked - it is a thick and durable material) with a waterproof polyurethane coating. We will not worry about getting valuable equipment damaged because of water leaking.

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It seems to be a coincidence that the dimensions of the backpack are the same with a hand suitcase, so you can take it on board. Of course, boarding suitcase dimensions vary from one airline to another. But it is still a backpack! I am going to introduce you to the back and upper handle. The backpack has mini pockets for documents and little items. The back pad is well made to support loads. I cannot complain about the comfort. It is soft and pleasant to the spine. After using a long time, I found out more features, like a place to hang my sunglasses on the straps. As to the upper handle, it is made of metal, durable, solid and 100% not break.

The back pocket has a hidden zipper to hinder access from thieves. The manufacturer wants to make sure that we could keep valuable items safe. This keeps nobody access to it. I also like the attachable key ring, which could fix keys to one place. And one of the storage bags is a toiletry bag with a hook.

Nayo Almighty for A Businessman

You have already known how functional and durable Nayo Almighty backpack is. It’s time to evaluate its use in business. This is not a briefcase, but a roomy backpack that you can also carry in your hand. Its appearance and design hide its typical travel features in an elegant style. The color is one but good for a suit. And for business use, the NayoSmart website recommends a normal-size one.

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Nayo Smart Almighty -- Elegant, but also Durable Made Material

What do I pack when I use it for business. Apart from a laptop, iPad, documents, calendar, and power bank, I also pack a portable scanner, an LED projector, all chargers, and a portable disk. Besides, there is still room for many stuff. But the pockets mentioned above are used. And there is a place for a pen, which I have yet mentioned. One more I have not mentioned is a smartphone pocket for instant access. It is a good idea to handle the backpack horizontally for business purposes. Finally, I also put a small drone in it as well as a goggle. They fit fine.

Nayo Almighty for Everyday Use

How about everyday use? Despite its specialized purpose, Nayo Almighty will be suitable for everyday use, although I mainly used the front compartment. Once I don’t carry a laptop or a tablet, I found these pockets to be less useful as they weren’t needed.

Nayo almighty backpack for work 11

Bonus Storage Bags can be used in the Front Compartment

I counted that there are over 20 pockets or compartments divided by mesh for versatile uses. And you can pack different items at the same time. If you are not carrying a laptop or iPad, you are going to waste some space. I think that a backpack used for every day should be neat and simple, and these pockets are useful to sort items. How much volume of the backpack? The normal size is 25L, a large one is 32L.

Nayo almighty backpack for work 12

Nayo Almighty - Summary

Time for a summary. The Almighty is not expensive, especially now it is on sale at 88$ for normal size, and 92$ for a large one. The Almighty deserves its name, all-purpose. I preferred single-chamber backpacks before. However, it turns out that an organized backpack is useful not only for travel, work but also for daily use. I don’t remember having to rummage in Nayo Almighty.

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Another Place Where You can Place Storage Bags

With great flexibility and versatility, the Almighty backpack is practical in package arrangement at the same time. The listing price includes two velcro storage bags. At first, the number of pockets can make the pack fell overwhelming until you get used to what they’re all for. At the very end, I will show you pictures of several details I have not mentioned in the article. 

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Please leave me comments or suggestions for Nayo Almighty backpack if you are interested in it.

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