Our Story


We are an innovative design company focused on creating travel backpacks with a minimalist esthetic. Comfort, large capacity and cool tech design are the essential features of NayoSmart backpacks. 

Hey, together with a NayoSmart backpack, pick up your camera, hop on the subway to set off for a urban travel! 

Imagine traveling in a modern city like Seoul or Taipei, which is hugely expressive and at the same time conservative in other ways. NayoSmart backpack has an aesthetic that fits with a city’s obsession for contemporary design, yet the unique details and approach resonates with the city’s split personality of ‘out-there’ street wear.

On an active day, when you like to be agile, mobile and let curiosity take you to new heights and angles, lugging your hydration, food, equipment and technical wear needs to be comfortable. A NayoSmart travel backpack is a nice companion to do just that – light for the size, easy luggage style access and super padded shoulder and sternum straps to keep it all balanced as you twist and turn. Let curiosity take a hold of your creativity, so as well as seeing what’s in front of you, don’t forget to scout above, to the sides… and most of all, looking back to see how far you’ve come.

On a longer trip away where you’re moving carry-on only or stocking up for a long hike or all-day itinerary, you’ll need a backpack that effortlessly packs plenty, without bursting at the seams. So a NayoSmart backpack that is minimally styled, intuitively accessible and organised, light in weight and generously padded for heavy load comforts in vital points of a bag ticks all the right boxes for you.

I like to think myself as a traveller in disguise – geared up to be curious around my surroundings without looking like one. For me, travel and life is a fluid, interchangeable mix that happens at any moment. I can never be too far from my camera, my gear and my laptop that an initial stride ventures into a view I’ve yet to come across. That is the beauty of life. I’ve always found my companions and every detail I take with me inside my backpack empowers me to enjoy, immerse and enable further. Pack smart for the day ahead, and the world may present something – just something – extraordinary.


is to simplify the packing and fashion the look of every travelers to explore the world more. As travel addicts ourselves, we know travelers' worries, That's why we can make NayoSmart backpacks. They are not simple items for selling but a helpful friend accompanying every backpacker. There is no best backpack, but we try our best to provide you an ideal one to meet your actual needs.

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