Nayo Rover Review- Top Selected Backpack For Routine Travel

Nayo Rover Review- Top Selected Backpack For Routine Travel

We cannot deny that backpacks are the divas of the luggage world. They’re built for work, school, overnights, long weekends, bike trips, picnics or whatever else you need it to do.

Recently, a men’s backpack named Nayo Rover went viral on the fashion and business circle. It is under the banner of “latest technology backpack designed to give you maximum comfort on the go”. Follow me to explore this new tendency: 

Quick overview:

As a functional backpack, it has multiple compartments including interior compartment, computer interlayer, interior zipper pocket, interior slot pocket, cell phone pocket, back anti-theft pocket.

Nayo Rover travel backpack

Nayo Rover Backpack is designed with 180-degree opening design which can easily store a 15.6 inch laptop and a 9.7 inch iPad.

Superior ergonomic design helps reduce the weight of the backpack.

Nayo Rover travel backpack

Waterproof fabric and zipper closure.

Loaded with some great features such as the anti-theft pocket, USB charging design, and a compass.

It can be easily hooked on to a suitcase or a trolley bag for easy and convenient carrying. 


"It is an awesome mobile office."

You can pack all your electronic devices and daily necessities in our NayoSmart High Capacity Bag Fit 15.6 Inch Laptop.

As you open the two main sections, you'll find four major compartments, including one for laptops, another for iPad, one for other electronic devices, and one for your clothes and daily necessities. Six small pockets for your phone or notebook and some accessories. Great space planning!

Your glasses, earphones or pens will be easy to find if you put them on the top pocket and the front pocket can accommodate your iPad. Between the top pocket and main sections, there is a magic pocket including one big storage space and 4 small storage pocket for your phone, iPod, and notebooks. And a detachable anti-theft key ring on the top is really an advantage.

Back and shoulder strap anti-theft pockets design support you a safer place to put some easy to lose but important small items. All your office needs can be packed into this high capacity backpack.


"Give you maximum flexibility for your travel."

When it comes to traveling, one of the biggest troubles is hard to find what you want in your bag. I can bet that there's nothing worse than the blind reach-in-and-grab to find a card or a pen or other small items when you need it. Aye, without doubt, this backpack’s 180-degree opening design and clear layout can solve this problem perfectly. And the external USB ports allow you to charge your phone on the go without fumbling through the bag, which is a really great advantage.

The superior ergonomic design which helps reduce the weight of the backpack to relieve your shoulders’ and neck’s pressure. The shoulder straps are made of light anti-shock foam for comfort, support, and airflow, and the nylon fabric is water-resistant. And a simple but firm strap on the back can be used to hook on to a suitcase or a trolley bag for easy and convenient carrying.

Equipped with a compass on the chest straps, you will never get lost in the wilderness. Even when the sudden rain fell, what you need to worry about is yourself but not your electronic devices and documents in your backpack because of its water repellent material. The zippers are also covered with waterproof textiles.


"Combine good utility and cool design into one."

This bag is so chic and good looking and practical with big capacity and clear layout. First-class cool design and durable performance. A trustworthy backpack I have met.



In some way,  it is a burden for thin ladies

The bag doesn’t come in sizes and is meant to be one size fits all. However, it is a little too big for a thin lady’s body. Its net weight is already 1.1kg, and if you pack many items into it, it will become a heavy burden for ladies. 


I was pleasantly surprised by the oxford waterproof material, also the zippers are of amazing quality, the internal padding and cloth lining quality is nice. The overall build quality is quite amazing. For me, this backpack deserves 10 stars and it could be a thoughtful gift to friends.

If you want to explore this great item by yourself, here is a quick link to Nayo Rover👈

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