How to Travel in An Eco-friendly Way

How to Travel in An Eco-friendly Way

Over the past few years, the tourism industry has boomed due to the increasing traveling craze worldwide. In the meantime, more topics focus on climate change or scenic spots being destroyed. The sea and beach are polluted, the habitat and life of local animals are threatened by the pollutants brought by the aliens.

People are becoming more concerned about the future of the animals, the earth and the ecosystem. It's easier to take eco-friendly measures at home than to act this when you are traveling on the road.

However, there are still some tips for traveling in a way more friendly to the earth, if you seriously try to.

  1. Traveling overland

Choosing to travel by bus or train over flying or driving can have long-lasting positive effects on the environment. However, you probably still opt to fly if you are going somewhere really far than sit on a bus or train for 12+ hours, that's another story not covered in this article.

  1. Taking public transport

Taking public transport means you're not producing any additional carbon emissions from private transport. It will also provide you with opportunities to interact with locals or to observe more local culture.

  1. Be at home in a hotel

When you treat yourself at a hotel like you are at home, you care about the resources of the hotels like you do about your home. You would not have long showers; you would definitely remember to turn off the TV, lights, and air conditioner when you leave the room.

  1. Stay on the permitted path

When hiking, always stay on the marked trails. This will keep you a safe distance from any animals you encounter, and prevent you from trampling on protected or endangered plants.

  1. Pack light

The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. Pack only what you need! Yeah, absolutely it's hard to pack light when you try to indulge yourself in a trip which you have long expected and well planned. You wish you could have a super light-weight backpack so that you can pack more items into the bag without adding too much weight.

Nayo Genaral is a versatile travel backpack with a large capacity compartment. No matter what travel goods and electronics you want to carry, you always can find a pocket to place it. There are two small bags inside as gifts, one wash bag for dry wet separation, one storage bag for managing your cables or small stuff. So you don’t bother to find such bags to match your backpack. Just pack light with Nayo Genaral, set out for your long-expected journey.

Check the sizes and weight below:

Large size - Volume: 30L   Weight: 1.5 kg  
Dimensions: 51 L x 17 W x 35 H cm fit for 17.3” laptop   

Normal size - Volume: 23L  Weight: 1.2 kg 
Dimensions: 46 L x 16 W x 32 H cm fit for 15.6” laptop  

  1. No plastic

You might not notice how many plastic products you are using in your daily life. Especially you might ignore this question when you are traveling because at that moment you just need them, you would prefer to take the easier or more convenient option.

Plastic products can take up to 500 years to biodegrade, and they don't degrade in water. Instead, they end up getting eaten by birds and turtles and other marine life that confuse them for jellyfish. An unintentional usage of plastic products might kill those lives. What should you do then when traveling? Find some re-usable alternatives.

You might take some plastic bags to go to local markets for shopping. Try to pack a lightweight, foldable backpack for your travel necessities and then use the bag for any shopping you might go to.

Consider a lightweight, foldable backpack:

Nayo EXP Backpack is a smartly designed backpack, which will take up less room on the airplane or in the public transit while holding more stuff inside. It has a smart expandable structure that allows you to easily compress or expand your backpack according to different occasions.

You might buy some plastic bottles of water if you're traveling in a part of the world that is not equipped with safe tap water? Consider getting a reusable water bottle with a built-in water purifier/filter.

You might love to eat street food or other takeaway meals on your travels, consider how often you use plastic utensils once and throw them away. Instead, prepare yourself all-in-one utensil that you can easily keep in your bag and use over and over. Moreover, eating with your own ware is more hygienic and healthy.

You might use the bottles of shampoo and lotion in your hotel room? Most of them will just get thrown away, regardless of whether you use the whole bottle or just a palmful, what a waste of resources! Why not bring your shampoo in small bottles that you can refill yourself at home, or to travel with solid shampoo that doesn't require plastic packaging at all.

These are little steps every traveler can take to produce less carbon emission and to use less plastic. Never fail to do anything good which you deem as petty. Even these small steps can help lessen the burden on the tourist spots’ environments in the long term. 

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