How To Find The Best Travel Backpack Style

How To Find The Best Travel Backpack Style

When you carry a travel backpack, you should realize that it is not only a bag to hold stuff but also part of your outfit. So the look and feel of a travel backpack should be right for you and your tastes. Stylish urban backpacks are becoming mainstream within the last couple of years.

Gone are the days of international travel with a big blaze-orange hiking backpack. Those style of travel backpacks certainly have a utility, but seems better to carry in the wilderness. For you guys to find out the best backpack for your style, I summarized the main styles of travel backpack as follows:  

Minimalist Travel Backpack

When you’re in a new country, think a bit about how you want to be perceived. If you’re heading to a more crowded or dicey area, nothing screams tourist like having a large, colorful backpack while looking up at tall buildings or a landmark in awe. If you don’t want to attract thieves’ attention, a low profile backpack should help to protect your money.

Avoiding catching every passers-by’s eyes, this type of travel backpack usually have a black look and invisible zippers. What’s more, some travel backpacks have an anti-theft lock to double protect treasures. It’s an added bonus if you can roll into a meeting wearing one of these things since you will not look casual and informal. As one-bag travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, NayoSmart has released a lot of solid urban packs that are built specifically with one-bag travel in mind. 

Tactical Backpacks 

There are a ton of great, high-quality bags out there that are made to military spec. There’s some really great utility to things for customizing your pack and including other accessories on your bag, and the stronger materials make for extremely durable bags. Keep in mind that some folks may perceive you as being in the military if your bag has too much digi camo going on. It’s one thing if the pack is all black & subdued, but another if it’s camo and filled with patches. If this is your look, go for it, but this type of pack might also bring about some “unwanted attention” in certain parts of the world.

Outdoor & Hiking Backpacks

Think brighter colors and louder material. Sportier pack with many pocket options. For a long time, these types of packs were the only option for long-term one-bag travelers. They tend to be bulky and are built to carry big, heavy loads over long distances—usually outdoors. This typically means lots of straps and a tall pack that will peak up over your head. Great for a long camping excursion, not so great for a trip through the airport or a newly-discovered city square. They also tend to scream “TOURIST”—no one casually walks around with a huge hiking backpack. 

Heritage Backpacks

These bags are engineered with a classic look in mind. Most will be some variation of the one-compartment style with leather straps, subdued colors, and some type of canvas-y material. These packs look great but can sometimes lack functionality and comfort. Although there are a few bespoke style travel bags, most will fall into the day-pack category.  

There Really is No “Best Travel Backpack”

This guide never tells you which is the best travel backpack style for you directly, since it depends on what you require as an individual traveler based on your needs. Sure, there are generally guiding principles to follow, and a bag made out of cardboard objectively won’t last, but there are too many quality packs out there to pick just one. If you’re on a short trip, a less durable, the lighter pack will suit you well. If you’re headed to southeast Asia during the monsoon season—you may want some heavy-duty weatherproofing.

I hope this guide gives you a slight idea of picking a travel backpack and wish you the best of luck moving forward with your selection and hope.

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