Best Smart Backpacks Of 2020

Best Smart Backpacks Of 2020

With great tech boom in recent ten years, a backpack is not just a backpack but a smart one. Our needs for tech devices secretly change our needs for the functions of a traditional backpack --a smart backpack.

Almost each individual would like to walk around with several devices (phone, camera, laptop, tablet, etc) and keep them charged for a whole day of entertainment or study. Smart backpacks are now and then referred to as charging backpacks or tech backpacks. As the name suggests, smart backpacks came into being to meet smartly serve the backpackers for every purpose. Whether you’re going to attend a meeting or attend a class, or hitting the gym, or see your friends at the library or a cafe, or anywhere, functional smart backpacks are perfect for your needs.

With a smart backpack, you can keep all of your devices charged on the go, meanwhile, keep them organized and safe from theft or heavy rains. In brief, a perfect smart backpack would be featured with:

⭐Enough space, not only for a laptop but also for small items: water bottle, phone, wallet and so on;

⭐Anti-theft function: hidden pocket;

⭐Durable, preferably waterproof material;

USB charging port to connect with a battery bank to fully charge your devices.  

If you’re considering buying a smart backpack, this article will help you find the best smart backpack of 2020.


Price: $269.99

The NOMATIC 30L Travel Bag is made with solid, water-proof materials and zippers. The protected strap framework enables you to switch between duffel to backpack carry. The shoe compartment has a ventilated entryway with a water-resistant flap enabling you to choose if you would like to keep water out. More than 20 smart functions make this backpack the ideal selection whenever you go to the gym, the office, or a weekend getaway.

It has so many zippers and pockets for everything you carry along. The design is slim, sleek and minimal!. You will get thrilled when you find it efficiently holds many days' worth of items and has proven to be great for travel (a perfect carry-on!) and a commuter bag.

Where to buy:

Nayo Anti-theft Shell 

Promotion price: $80.00

Nayo Anti-theft Shell is made of durable, waterproof materials and a waterproof seal to prevent water from getting inside. Hardshell construction keeps its shape and your gear protected. Equipped with a TSA approved lock to add more security and a hidden rear pocket in the back padding to keep your travel documents and other valuables hidden and safe. It has one main compartment with smartly designed pockets for your electronics and everyday carry and keeps your gear protected and organized. Its external USB charging port allows you to keep your portable charging pack safely stowed while keeping your phone or tablet within reach. Ergonomic design allows you to carry in comfort with carefully crafted of high-quality padding and waterproof material.

This functional smart backpack also includes additional features: quality and reversed SBS zippers, adjustable and hidden bottle pocket, small pocket on each shoulder strap to hold transit pass or office keycard, padded handle to comfortably carry the bag, earphone port to keep your device safely tucked away, a rear strap to secure your bag to your suitcase. Nayo Anti-theft Shell also includes additional features: quality and reversed SBS zippers, adjustable and hidden bottle pocket, small pocket on each shoulder strap to hold transit pass or office keycard, padded handle to comfortably carry the bag, earphone port to keep your device safely tucked away, a rear strap to secure your bag to your suitcase.

With tons of organizational features, lightweight design, and great looks, Nayo Anti-theft Shell is great for your everyday commute or your next trip. This compact smart backpack will satisfy you in space organization(even for 15.6" laptop), security (anti-theft, water resistance), convenience (USB charging), comfort (ergonomic design). We sure you will love it!

Order with discount here:

ClickPack Pro Backpack

Price: $159.00

The original design concept of ClickPack Pro Backpack combines “security, storage, convenience, comfort, and beauty. It is a multifunctional backpack focusing on "safety and security" with QUADRUPLE security function features: TSA lock, stainless metal wire lock, YKK's latest fraudulent opening and closing fastener, and special slash-resistant fabric that can withstand the cutlery and splash. It has five major storage compartments to store all your necessities. You can power up your electronic devices using ClickPack Pro. Also, it has RFID Magnetic strips to keep your credit cards safe, built-in reflectors for the evening, and has double layer rain protection to get you through those tough weather conditions.

This backpack certainly will give you peace of mind and a home for everything you need to take along. Its quadruple anti-theft protection allows you to enjoy the scenery wherever you go without having to worry about whether you get pick-pocketed or not. This backpack to some extent looks similar to our Nayo Anti-theft Shell which only costs $78.00 now.

Where to buy:

Nayo Almighty – Smart Backpack

Best smart backpack Nayo Almighty
Price: $89.00 USD

This minimalist backpack has almost all the smart features a traveler may look for: ergonomic shoulder straps to keep the backpack fix on the back comfortably, luggage strap to loop onto the rolling suitcase handle, hidden pockets to keep your valuables, a USB charging port, bottle pocket, sunglasses compartment, padded compartment for a laptop or a tablet, and simple minimalist structural design.

Neat design, very functional, lightweight, and two sizes options, indeed it is a perfect smart backpack for modern travelers regardless of sex or age.

Where to buy:

Lifepack: The Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

Price: $165.00

“We’re constantly in motion, and we wanted a bag to stay charged, organized, and productive while on-the-go.” This is why this backpack was made.

It excels in ANTI THEFT DESIGN (integrated and retractable cable lock, secret passport pockets, hidden pockets), SOLARBANK + USB PORT DESIGN (WORKZONE + LIFEZONE LAYOUT), COMFORTABLE SHOULDER STRAP DESIGN (Padded and adjustable shoulder straps with a U-Shaped upper area spreads the weight evenly allowing for a light-weight carry experience).

The design has considered everything: day-to-day use as well as travel. And the solar-panel charger works awesome, you don’t have to top it up.

Where to buy:

If you commute every day or sometimes go for some business trips, or you are a student searching for a good smart backpack, you would like to utilize your backpack for the next 2 to 5 years. Even a few people would hope to get a decent 10 years service out of that pack. Therefore, we need to get the appropriate one to begin with. The above-listed five smart backpacks all cover the smart features you may need, just pick one according to your specific needs or your budget. Have fun with your smart backpack!

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