What Should We Notice When Buying A Cycling Commuter Backpack?

What Should We Notice When Buying A Cycling Commuter Backpack?

Nayo Rover best cycling commuter backpack

In terms of traffic mode, cycling and walking is more recommended than taking public transportation in 2020. It is still important to practice social distancing during COVID-19 restrictions. So, if you’re commuting by bike, a backpack is one of the easiest carry formats to roll with. Although a briefcase might look good in the office, it’s going to be fairly difficult to carry when you’re blitzing through the city on two wheels. So, what kind of backpack is inappropriate? And what factors should we notice when buying a cycling commuter backpack? 🤔🤔


What are the common problems with inappropriate cycling commuter backpacks?

Imagine that you are cycling to work with your backpack on a hot summer day, it is really hot so you are sweating like a pig, what’s worse, your backpack is clinging to your backpack. Not to mention to immerse in your task instantly after arriving at your company, you may just want to back home to change your clothes. 


What consequences will a non-waterproof backpack bring when you are riding in the rain? The files in the bag will get wet, and even worse, the electronic products will be irreversibly damaged. Big loss, right? Yep and the source of the loss is a non-waterproof backpack, or well, you should not ride in the rain. But who knows what will meet on the way, maybe a sudden heavy rain, especially in those rainy cities. If there is not an umbrella in your daily gear, a waterproof backpack can not only keep your valuables safe when you meet a rain, but also protect you from the rain when you lift it over your head.


If the distance between your company and home is relatively long, and you need to ride for more than half an hour to reach the destination, what kind of experience will an inappropriate backpack bring to you? Apart from the defects mentioned above, the weight of the backpack is not evenly distributed will also make you uncomfortable. If you just cycling for a short time, then you could not say the difference between a regular backpack and an ergonomically designed backpack. The difference will be revealed during long-term riding. A good carrying system can evenly disperse the weight of the backpack, while a non-ergonomic backpack will make some points of your back bear the whole weight, which will make your stress point painful if you carry it for a long time.


Not a good experience even thinking about the above circumstances. So how to tell if a backpack is suited for cycling commuters? 


What characteristics should a cycling commuter backpack have?

 1. A good perspiration system

A backpack with a good perspiration system is one of the best examples. With specially designed backs, air flows easily while you’re on the road, helping to keep you cool while pedaling hard. If hot and humid conditions don’t keep you from riding, you can look for a pack that is designed with ventilation between it and your back.

 2. Waterproof material

When you commute by bike, your backpack is at the mercy of the elements. So you need it offers decent waterproofing to protect the contents. Waterproof material will protect your valuable equipment from rain, spillage, and other conditions.

 3. Ergonomic harness and chest/waist straps

The ergonomic back panel and padded straps keep a backpack sitting comfortably on your back. If you’re carrying a long way, a backpack with chest and waist straps will stop your bag from swinging around.


 4. Lightweight

Don’t underestimate the weight of a backpack. During a long ride, any item, especially those that can be omitted, can become a burden on you. A light backpack will reduce your burden relatively.


 5. Reasonable internal structure

The reasonable internal structure can help you put EDC gear in specific pockets, which will make it easier to find what you want. After all, you can not turn your backpack inside out to find an item in the bike trail like you do in the office or at home.


 6. Reflective Detailing

Taking into account the possibility and safety of nocturnal cycling, the reflective detailing is also included as one of the reference options for selecting the cycling commuter backpack. It could help you to stand out in low light.

 7. Versatile Aesthetic

Although a normal commuting backpack should work well on a bike, sometimes you need to take it into a work environment. A bag that looks understated enough to suit a range of work settings is recommended.


So what cycling commuter backpacks are recommended?

1. Ortlieb Commuter Daypack Urban Line

If you’re looking for a stylish one to accompany you to commute to work, you can check this “Ortlieb commuter daypack urban line”. It has a chest strap and waist straps that keep the bag secure while you’re riding, and the back has a smart molded design that lets the air flow while cushioning you from the load. It is made with reflective yarn for enhanced safety.

2. Chrome Industries Echo Bravo

Chrome Industries Echo Bravo provides plenty of space to hold bulkier objects. It will hold up to a 17” laptop. A waterproof tarp liner and nylon shell protect your gear from the elements while a padded sleeve cushions technology from bumps and shocks. This commuter laptop backpack also includes daisy chain mounting loops for additional storage or a bike light. Safety is enhanced through reflective straps for night visibility. 

3. NayoSmart Rover Waterproof Backpack

NayoSmart might not be a household name, even amongst carry enthusiasts, but it really makes some truly impressive bags

Case in point, the Nayo Rover is a waterproof commuter backpack, combining beauty and practicality in design. Its special fabric adopts top-level production technology to maximize waterproofing. The internal structure has been improved many times by designers to balance function for daily and travel use. It comes out with scientific storage space, more in line with urban needs.

Nayo Rover Commuter Backpack

4. Rapha Roll-top

With water- and abrasion-resistant fabric plus a capacity of 25l, this Rapha roll-top is just what you need to tackle the commute. Inside, there’s a good-sized main compartment with a 15inch laptop sleeve and a zipped compartment for smaller items.

A good cycling backpack will make you enjoy your commute even more, so if you still have no idea about which backpack to buy, you might as well know some of the ones mentioned above. If you haven’t chosen a practical Christmas gift for your family and friends, an appropriate cycling commuter backpack is also a good choice in 2020!


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