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Most Recommended Anti-Theft Backpack

Travelers of all kinds want to be able to pair practicality and security during their travels,so it is necessary to find out the best anti-theft backpacks in the market. 

With over 15 years of consistency and improvement in anti-theft backpack designs, We have designed this unique and genius smart backpack to ensure durability, practicality and the safety of your valuables during your commutes. This anti-theft backpack brings to bear the most recent advancements in anti-theft backpack technology, and the features are as described below:

1.Advanced Storage Design

  • The departments of this anti-theft backpack are unique with a specialized compartment for carrying a 15-15.6 inch laptop and even a Notebook with straps to keep them in place.

  • It also has over 10 smaller pocket slots and slide-through straps well arranged on both sides of the inside the bag for carrying other gadgets, cables, devices, and stationery items.

  • There are also two zippered pockets on the straps in which you can place your travel cards or credit cards for easier reach.

  • You will find a zippered pocket at the front where you can slide in your smaller flat electronic gear like your Kindle Fire reader and your iPad or other Tablet.

  • There are even an interior key chain holder and two zippered pockets on the sides.

    2.Angle Views

    • This anti-theft backpack opens freely at 30° and at 90°, and then fully at 180°.

    • The openings are adjustable to the desired angle view for the most preferred reach.

    • You can open the bag at 30° while it is hanging from a hook or as you’re holding the bag in front of your chest.

    • You can further open the anti-theft backpack at 90° so that one side of the bag can lay on a flat surface.

    • The full access 180° angle view allows both sides of the bag to lay flat opposite each other on a hard surface.

      3.Smart USB Port For Charging

      • There’s an external USB interface attached to the right side of this anti-theft backpack close to the armpit area.

      • All you need to do is connect the power bank (not included) inside the bag to the USB interface.

      • Then, when your phone or other electronic device is running low on battery, without opening

      • the bag just connect the device to the external USB interface via cable to charge.

      4.Anti-theft Construction

      • The most important of the security features of this anti-theft backpack is the stealth zipper design.

      • The flippers and closing seams of the zipper area are constructed to hide the zipper so that the zipper is almost impossible to locate.

      • The zipper construction is a double layered design that allows for a TSA approved lock.

      • There is also an inner layer slash-proof construction within the body of this anti-theft backpack. It is made of anti-shock foam and protection board, both of which make it impossible to easily slit the bag open. 

        5.Durability And Longevity

        • This anti-theft backpack has an inner lining of polyester and is thus highly water repellent. Just wipe water spills away with a cloth, your belongings will remain dry.

        • The shoulder straps are cushioned with bubble foam.

        • The PVC material used on the body also guards against scratches.

        • The back of this anti-theft backpack is padded so that the weight doesn’t drop off your shoulders but leans firmly against your back without hurting your spine.

        • Your back can still breathe because the back of the bag is made of an anti-sweat spongy layer for air permeability.

        • Despite all these fixtures, this anti-theft backpack is very lightweight because it is made of lightweight materials.


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