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3 in 1 Backpack from NayoSmart

I have replaced several backpacks since I started working. Because of my special work, I require the most functional smart backpack. My demand for a backpack tends to be more lightweight, high-functional, easy-to-store, and versatile for various outdoor activities. What’s more, it ’d better be more convenient to hold 3c products. Recently, I bought a Nayo Almighty smart backpack, which is designed with a work equipment compartment, and it could be used as a carry-on lightweight suitcase for a 1-day pack or 3 days business trip.

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This backpack feature minimalist and practical design, good-looking and fashionable, wild-style, and never obsolete. Although it is only available in black, minimalist is fond of the simple outlook. Nayo Almighty is unisex, available in large and normal size. It meets my needs in the street, at the workplace, and during the trip.

3 in 1 Backpack: NAYOSMART NAYO ALMIGHTY Specifications

Large Size: 32L

Weight: 1.5 kg

Dimensions: 51 L * 17 W * 35 H

Fits a 17.3’’ laptop

Normal Size: 25L

Weight: 1.2 kg

Dimensions: 46 L * 16 W *32 H

Fits a 15.6’’ laptop

This is a normal size backpack, which is more suitable for Asian people. But if you are more than 180cm tall, a large size one is a better choice.

Nayo Almighty is made of 600D high-density polyester with a water-resistant coating, which could be scrubbed by wet cloth and dried easily.

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As pocket on one side is a water-resistant insulated bottle bag, which could keep cold drinks cool.

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Bag on the other side is a mesh and zipper pocket for keeping stuff within instant reach like an umbrella. What’s more, the backpack is water-proof, which umbrella won’t get backpack wet.

With water resistant SBS zipper designed for suitcase, the zipper is firm and easy to slide, which ensure the durability for long time use. The zipper is very important to a backpack. Some people think it is troublesome to get a broken zipper fixed. They prefer to throw it away rather than fix it, which is a waste.

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Bag on the top is designed for reaching items instantly, like personal accessories ties, even folding fisherman hats.

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The inner pocket in the first layer can be used to store relatively flat carry-on items such as masks, travel documents, and passports. When the zipper is pulled up, the zipper puller can be hidden in the slit, which has an anti-theft function, preventing items from being stolen in some way.

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In the second layer, there is a key-ring clasp. You could hang your keys there to make it easy to be found; and when you want to use it, just press and pull it out rather than dig around keys at the bottom of the backpack. Moreover, to fasten valuable items to key-ring clasp is another option in an insecure public.

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There is a pen holder between two inner bags that fits in mobile or notebooks.

The metal handle on the top is firm and polishing, reducing the fatigue of hand. Strap at the back is used to fix backpack to luggage putter and shoulder could have a short rest. Hidden pocket bellow the strap ensures the safety of your objects like passport, documents, or cash.

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Both shoulder straps have one pocket which is suitable for items like key cards, transit pass, or some change. For people who often wear sunglasses, velcro on the left shoulder is a good place to hang sunglasses.

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Nayo Almighty backpack can be opened fully 180 degrees like a suitcase. The compartment on the left side fits in work equipment kit, and a pocket on right side toilet accessories and about 3 days worth of outfits, pretty good enough for short term trips.

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Equipment kit bag is available with a laptop, iPad, mobile, power bank, and cables. Inner bags with elastic band at the bottom prevent large-capacity power bank, charger, and mobile hard drive from being squeezed.

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Nayo Almighty smart backpack has a separated clothes compartment divided by mesh for easy-organizing, and not wrinkling shits.

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In the clothes compartment, there is a zipper layer, two extra storage bags, and one USB charging cable. Power bank keeping in the zipper layer connects to the internal charging port, which is convenient for charging equipment easily. Although it is pretty easy to buy storage bags, these two bonus storage bags in this smart backpack for travel are thick, with matching color and a Velcro at the bottom, which make toilet accessories management easier.

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The functions of two storage bags are different, one is a water-resistant bag, which could be used in the toilet without worry about water leaking; another is 3c items pocket, which ensures the security of electronics with its thickness.

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With velcro at the bottom, storage bags won’t move while walking.

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The back pad and straps stuffing are highly elastic, compression-resistant, anti-vibration materials, which won’t affect movement or hurt shoulder when bearing heavy loads. Extensions like wings are made between shoulder straps and backpack, tightly sticking to the back, improving comfort, and balancing the loads for both shoulders equally.

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A Whistle on the chest strap is not often used outside. But when women wear this backpack, they could use it to call for help.

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180 degrees opening design is more convenient for picking up clothes.

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With multiple layers of design, packing and unpacking are easier and quicker. Backpack in black is dirty resistant which can leave on the floor when working outdoors.

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Chest buckle prevents backpack straps from slide away and balances loads to avoid sore and fatigue for long-time wearing. With supported color and minimalist design, Nayo Almighty smart backpack matches well with formal suits and casual outfits for various occasions.

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In conclusion, Purchasing backpacks, good storage, and multiple functions are just basic. The design details affect the comfort of long-term use and have a significant impact on physical strength and posture. Don't want to buy too many backpacks to take up space, purchase a Nayo Almighty smart backpack which has good performance in terms of capacity, comfort, durability, and functionality. A backpack integrates leisure, travel, and business functions are enough for users to have an all-purpose backpack.

NayoSmart delivery time is about 4-15 days range from countries to countries, regions to regions, if you are interested in it or have any questions, please leave us a comment.


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